Foundation degrees-All you need to know

Getting accredited degrees from globally top-ranked universities is something every student desire. And, if you are planning to study abroad, you must be totally ready and sure about your career opportunities and pathways. But, wait! Are you having issues in meeting all the admission requirements of your respective institute? 

No matter if it is Bachelor’s or Master’s program, if you have failed to meet the entry criteria or lack English language skills, what options you have now?! Ever thought about it? well, your easiest solution is getting yourself enrolled in a “preparatory course”.

Foundation degrees

These courses help you in a situation where you need some extra assistance to get admission to your dream institute. It is offered all around the world, particularly in the UK, the USA, and Australia. It supports foreign students to end the gap and prepare them to fulfill their future dreams. By enrolling yourself in preparation courses, you will be able to learn the competent knowledge that would be necessary for a university degree course

What are the eligibility criteria for a foundation degree abroad?

Well, the entry requirements vary depending on the state, institute, and degree. But, certain typical and universal entry requirements must be completed in any case. To process your application for pre-bachelor’s or pre-masters, the basic two categories of entry requirements for foreign students include:

  • Language proficiency (majorly English)
  • Educational requirements

The higher-level degrees (masters) have higher and tougher requirements in comparison to the lower grade degrees (bachelors).

Language requirements for foundation courses

As far as language proficiency is concerned, English is the major language that is preferred in most cases. It means the two recommended and universally acknowledged tests are IELTS and TOEFL in the English-speaking states. The test acts as proof that you understand English enough to talk, read, communicate, and write. 

Overall, your language test score can leave a big impression. The acceptance relies on the university regulations as they will be deciding their minimum score that would ebb acceptable for the degrees.

The generally accepted score for IELTS is “no less than 5.0”. And for TOEFL, the minimum score is 60 or equivalent. On average, the least score for the UK is 4.95. On the contrary, for the native English-speaking North America, it is higher up to 5.23.

Academic requirements for foundation courses

It goes without saying but all you need is to have an impactful grade in your previous degree programs. Having high school graduation grades or equivalent academic study results will be a big plus. A competitive educational background represents your inspiring mind, professional experience, and in-field skills that strengthen your position as a candidate.

Entry requirements in Australia

  • Equivalent academic qualification to the 12th year from an Australian institute
  • Successful completion of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Or, the high school certificate standard for Australia or equivalent may be asked

Entry requirements in the UK

  • Successful completion of standardized test

*The scores are subjected to change depending on the type of test and university

Entry requirements in the USA

  • Mostly 2.5+ GPA or equivalent is required
  • English language proficiency test (TOEFL, with the iBT minimum score of 60 to 80) 
  • Depending on the subjects, the criteria are:
      • Mathematics and English: 4 years
      • Sciences, History/Social Studies: 3 or more years
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