A quick guide for a lead generation

Imagine having a website that is soaring high, ranked at the top, and has everything that a site needs to be successful, such as SEO optimization, best AdWords campaign, fruitful marketing strategies as well as high-quality content. But, unfortunately, you still not getting the required ROI or sales are not satisfactory.

Well, that might be pretty frustrating but the question is, WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU MISSING? And the answer is quite simple: LEAD GENERATION STRATEGIES! You are lacking in that department.

If you have satisfactory CTRs but seeing users leaving without moving forward to the next step of contacting you, you are definitely far behind in your effective lead generation planning. Clients not giving contact details means the client is potentially attracted but not enough to get in touch for purchase.

If it continues, you would fail to make money through your site platform. Having an operative lead generation approach will help you initiate genuine consumer attention to encourage potential leads. 

What do you mean by lead generation?

Lead generation is simply defined as a tactic of taking someone or anyone with a little or not slight knowledge about your brand and put effort to convert them into a potential customer or we can say into a successful sale.

Let us see what types of lead you require or can encounter while making an effective lead generation!

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

A person who has shown a great involvement in your brand marketing through getting engaged in your available content, through emailing you or contacting you from any of the social media platforms, but hasn’t taken any step towards a sales conversation.

They could be a fruitful lead as they seem already attracted towards the business and might stick around or return. It is more like browsing through the services, adding items to the cart, and then leaving without checking out.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

A direct type of lead where the person shows high interest towards your brand. They are named SALES LEAD because due to their familiarity with your brand, they are more likely to take a step to become a sales conversation.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Typically seen in the case of SaaS-based products, it is defined as a condition where the brand offers a free of cost trial or a freemium version of their specific services and the customer uses it. Well, after using it, if the client expresses interest in making a sale, he will be considered PQL.

Why do you need lead generation?

  • You can consider it the bridge that will carry you to the potential customers letting you get a satisfactory ROI by helping you in targeting the right client who has already shown interest in your brand.
  • Taking qualified leads to your brands through lead generation will make your sales funnel loaded while making your revenue excel faster.
  • Not cheap but definitely a cost-effective approach as well as simplifies the sales process.
  • A smart investment because even if you feel certain leads costly, they will generate more value to your business afterward.
  • Tracking results from the sales funnel is automated.

How to qualify a lead

  1. Start by asking the right questions
  2. Website engagement
  3. Email marketing engagement
  4. Social media engagement


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