A Quick Guide on Content Pillars

Well, it goes without saying but do you know what makes your site most successful? The content!

The content is the heart of every marketing business and advertising campaign. Having irresistible content on your site that enables you to resonate with the right audience is something extra you need to get a successful ROI.

Unfortunately, if you have the right content but are failing on targeting the right audience or is not getting the outcome you must achieve even after you have done the hard work, you need to work on your CONTENT PILLARS. Yes, that is the secret to your successful campaign

What are content pillars?

Pillar content is simply defined as a marketing strategy that is only focused on topics essentially themes on which you can emphasize your content clusters. It means, instead of targeting and rectifying keywords, the topics are assessed and made right.

Plus, in the case of using the “pillars”, you will be able to write a lot of treasured content under a single fundamental theme. You can also call them a “cornerstone content” or a “flagship content”.

Ways to create effective content pillars

Are you in the search of the feasible, quickest, and easiest ways of creating the content pillars aimed at enhancing the customers’ traffic to get the required ROI and sales? Well, we are here highlighting few basic steps that could help you.

  • Begin with taking your audience/searchers under special consideration 
  • Set up social listening
  • Try making content up to your viewers’ requirements and demands
  • Support your content with efficient keyword research through SEO activities
  • Keep an eye on competitors and stay up to date with the market
  • Never forget to write down your content pillar pages

Why “Content Pillars” is an important strategy?

  1. Well, you already know the internet is swarming with content, and taking your site to the top of ten global google rankings is definitely a challenging task. If you use content pillars, you will be directly providing the users with the exact content they must be searching for. It helps humans and Google to get the hand on your content and provide it to the users as per what they need, and when they need it.
  2. It let you cover more informative ground through in-depth reporting in a more streamlined manner under a specific topic or we can say a head keyword. The more you cover diverse topics under a single website or topic clusters, the higher Google will rank your site for the specified topic in general. 
  3. In a detailed cluster blog post, you can best utilize the hyperlink that is intended to go back to the pillar page, without letting you trawl through sheets and sheets of content.
  4. The high-performing content pillars can help you elevate your site’s rankings for linked pages.
  5. You can create content focused on what the viewers’ needs as content pillars help you get precision on your niche.


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