Study in Indonesia for a memorable student exposure

If you are looking for a place to not only study but also make unforgettable memories of luxurious nature and adventurous life, then you must look no further than INDONESIA. It is definitely a dream place where you can study as well as enjoy sipping cocktails on a beach in the evenings!

Talking about Indonesia, the best place is BALI, undoubtedly. Although, it is famous as a top touristic point, completing foreign education in Bali offers a series of unlimited and unique benefits for international students. Being a land of cultural diversity with a mix of impressive history, 700+ languages are spoken in Indonesia.

As far as the people are concerned, they are hostile and welcoming. It means you will take no time to get adjusted.

Affordable living and studying 

Well, there is one of the most important aspects that is appreciated whenever you decide to study in Bali and it is affordability not only in terms of living but also education. Completing a degree from a globally recognized university at an affordable tuition fee is something every student must be looking for.

Bali is known for providing amazing education and internationally accredited degrees but with the increasing standards, the price of education has been lowered to facilitate as many students as possible. No matter, if you have registered yourself in a private or government institute, you will be provided amazing academic experience within a low range of fees. Private universities have been charging the students between 3,000 to 6,000 EUR/year. NOT BAD!

As shocking as it is going to sound, life in Bali does look expensive but it is not! Most of the students are usually spending not more than 600 -750 EUR per month on all daily life tasks or expenses.

Coming to the accommodation, you can find a decent room at the reasonable price range of 250-350 EUR per month. Comfortable in sharing your room? It will get much less.

Stenden University Bali – The best choice

Well, truly speaking, this is a Dutch university but as its network is spread all across the globe, the Bali campus is one of the best. The major benefit is that the programmes are English-taught. It goes without saying but they use marvelous teaching style and advanced learning methods, all designed on a problem-based approach. And their faculty!! it needs no introduction!

Other highlighted perks, you will be getting includes:

  • The opportunity to involve in paid international internships
  • Eligible of 1-year study exchange program to the Netherlands
  • Reasonable tuition fees (approx. 6,600 EUR annually)
  • Exposure to the multicultural and encouraging environment

Bachelors program at Stenden University

The two Bachelor courses offered on Bali campus are in the International Business Administration and International Hospitality Management. In Hospitality management, the students will get a blend of studies based on both theoretical teaching and infield or research work to strengthen the skills and knowledge.

As Stenden University is treasured for having strong partnerships with several hospitality associations and business institutes, the students can get golden opportunities of internships, contract-based projects, or jobs after graduation.


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