Education in Europe – A quick guide

Being an international student, you will face tons of hurdles but along with the challenges you would learn a variety of things and experience so many unforgettable memories that will make you a better person.

Studying in Europe, one of the most advantageous things you will learn is managing your life, taking full responsibility for yourself, and handling the budget. In Europe, you will find a lot of affordable degrees, courses, and certifications. Apart from offering education at affordable tuition fees, the living cost is also reasonable.

Italy – Experience la dolce vita

Italian institutes are loaded with so many impressive specs that you will be amazed. They are acknowledged for having the most skilled faculty and impressive academic outline. The availability of technology and research facilities are the highlights. Having a rich cultural heritage, it has become a major study destination for foreign students.

For healthy living, you will be spending almost 650-950 EUR/ month. And, for the bachelor’s degree, the least tuition cost is approx. 1,000 EUR/year. Coming to the ideal picks for the degree completion from Italy:

  • Arts and design
  • Architecture
  • Economics
  • Business and marketing

Poland – Land of Nobel Laureates

The best bachelor’s degrees to choose whenever you are registering for Poland’s universities include:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Management sciences

Poland has given us 17 Nobel laureates that mean, they have so much to offer in terms of education and learning. It has some of the most advanced research centers. The use of progressive teaching methods has taken Poland to heights.

The living costs go as low as 400 and maximum to 700 EUR/month. For all students, the average tuition fee for an English-taught bachelor’s degree is no more than 2,000 EUR/year.

Finland – The state-of-art organization

Considered one of the most organized European states, Finland is absolutely a marvelous destination for abroad studies. You can register in any of the 400+ English taught courses. The reasonable living costs are another appealing feature of Finland as all it needs is a maximum of 700-1,100 EUR for a monthly budget. Every public university offers Bachelor’s degree for free if you are a European and if not then you need to pay only 1,500 EUR annually.

Some Finnish Bachelor’s degrees with top quality-cost ratio include:

  • International business
  • Visual arts
  • Engineering

Spain – Where the sun shines

Spanish institutes are a brilliant example of top-quality education standards. Being the friendliest international student destination, it has an economical lifestyle with amazingly lowest tuition fees in comparison to other European states. The non-EU students must pay 750 to 2,100 EUR every year. Spending 650 to 1,100 EUR/month will be enough to give a healthy and stable life.

Top educational fields for foreign students are:

  • Arts and design
  • Political sciences
  • Business and Finance

France – The country of inventions 

Undoubtedly it is a touristic destination but also the most visited state by the students. France offers a very balanced living cost to all the students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from a French institute. If you are living in Paris, you need a huge budget, otherwise, you can live within 700-950 EUR for every month. As far as the tuition fees are concerned, it starts from zero for the EU and some non-EU students. When campuses do practice fees, they typically range from 300 to 400 EUR per year.

There are plenty of study options, but the most sought-after include:

  • Arts and design
  • International business
  • Economics



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