If you are also one of the people who are interested in starting an eCommerce business or have been following the strategies to make your online business a success, even if you are looking to get a satisfying ROI or trying to get more customer engagement, You need to get rid of FRAUD CLICK COSTING ON YOUR AdWords to save your dollars!!

It would not be wrong to say that you have at least faced clicking fraud costing for once. Did fake clicks make you lose your potential clients?!

You must remember, wherever there is money to be earned, you will find the fraudsters very near! One more thing to remember is… no one will ever be safe. Click fraud can happen to any businessman. Let’s take a quick overview and then we will move forward.

1. Recognize click fraud by collecting the precise information

2. Avoid suspecting IP addresses

3. Bring necessary changes to your ad targeting

4. Plan retargeted marketing campaigns

5. Act smart with your conversion pixels

What is AdWords click fraud?

In simple words, we can explain Click fraud as a “black-hat method of clicking on PPC (pay per-click) ads for generating fake charges or payment for advertisers/marketers”.

The chief sources of AdWords click fraud

Do you know what can be the possible reasons behind the generation of the larger number of click frauds? The answer is simple but most people do not know. Always keep in mind that most of the time click fraud on AdWords is coming you’re your market competitors. Once they start clicking on your ads, your PPC advertising budget will end and get disturbed. It might result in turning off the ads for the day resulting in a loss.

Beyond competitors, professional fraud rings are also there to target your most expensive keywords that are backed by fortune companies. By using automated computer programs and click bots, unlimited fraudulent clicks and views can be generated.

As far as the reasons are concerned. The first reason is “medium to low volume clicks” and the second is “high volume clicks”.  

Ways to stop AdWords click fraud

Rest assured Google has fashioned the most vigorous anti-click fraud scheme of all available search engines including:

  1. Automatic Detection System is done with the application of machine learning and intricate algorithm sequences. It helps detect and capture all the current invalid clicks before advertisers get charged.
  2. Google’s Ad Traffic Quality Team is another approach that involves skilled people who are constantly monitoring and analyzing the upcoming client traffic. It will also filter out all suspicious clicks or invalid lead generations before advertisers get charged.
  3. Investigations carried out on advertiser reports of currently running suspicious activities.

Takeaway point: you must not completely rely on Google alone.

How can you spot click fraud on the AdWords account?

Use internal reporting that includes gathering information based on IP address, Click timestampAction timestamp, and User-agent.

Successful ways of preventing click fraud on your AdWords account

1. Plan the IP exclusions 

2. Be cautious of your competitors

3. Adjust ad retargeting strategies

4. Target only high-value web pages or sites

5. Keep a tab on invalid clicks

6. Establish conversion tracking pixel on something you can keep a track

7. Capitalize on fraud detection software 



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