Ways to keep the customer bound when products get out of stock

We have always been talking about marketing, selling, or advertising products but do we have ever discussed that WHAT can be the possible ways to choose if the product gets “out of stock”? Obviously, every business faces a time when their product goes unavailable. But imagine…someone either a new or old client comes to your site for a special product but finds the site unavailable. Definitely, the customer will be heartbroken. And, yes, the customer will move to the other site to get the item.

In short, if you fail in managing the anger or disappointment of the client on the OUT-OF-STOCK product, you will be losing a big client. Truly speaking, this situation can be handled in a variety of ways and in unbelievably brilliant ways!

Here you can read some of the most recommended ones

Put a ‘Notify Me’ Button along with the stock headline

One of the most preferable options is to give a “notify me” button on the page. Why? Because what if the client really needs the product and is willing to wait? Well, it is quite understandable that a person would not feel easy or make time to visit the site again and again!

This button will do the work especially if you have customers that are loyal to your brand. By pressing the button, you will know that someone is eager to buy and you will be able to keep a reminder that you need to send a notification whenever the product gets back in stock.

Exclude the “Out of Stock” Products from the page

As we know, all other acts can be considered trickery, you can avoid the situation by simply removing the out-of-stock product. For SEO reasons, it is NOT a good idea at all. But, it can be beneficial for saving your reputation.

It will be a suitable practice if the business is marketing seasonal products, selling cheap commodities where variety is never constant. Besides, the best time to use this method is when you know that THIS SPECIFIC item is never coming back in stock.

Offer an ETA for unavailable items

One of the foremost principles of doing business is to be transparent along with ensuring certainty for your clients, no matter if it is good or bad for the business. It is helpful in maintaining a better reputation and improving credibility.

When the item gets out of stock, the website must be responsible for finding out how much time will be required for restocking the collection and how soon the company will start shipping the item to their clients.

Giving a specific deadline and completing the promise will keep your loyal customers with you and keep your conversion rate stable.

Refer to Identical or Alternative items

If the site has been getting new visitors or a seasonal audience, it is recommended to make them move to another but the identical product. Well, if you are sure that the client will like other products, you can refer or alternative items, as well.

Instead of letting them go, make sure your website has presented the product brilliantly so that the client will not find it easy to ignore the suggestions. Try suggesting items that are similar in design, style, functions, and most importantly price.

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