English Taught Courses in France for Foreign Students

As per the records of 2021, around 28 French universities have been ranked at the top of the list of high-class educational institutes. The number of international students has been growing at a faster pace in France. It means, the universities have definitely something special to offer.

If you have ever considered studying in France, you are doing the right thing. Surprisingly, the France lifestyle and tuition fees are found to be cheaper in comparison to other European states offering top-notch learning experiences. Its affordability without compromising the quality, effective course outlines, variety of degrees, higher chances of employment, endless international student support services, and wonderful research facilities make France the best option.

Study in France in English

Well, some students might cancel admission to French universities only to avoid the language barrier. NOW, you don’t have to be worried about its French courses as most of the public and private education centers are providing English-taught courses. Problem solved. Offering approx. 1400 courses that are entirely taught in English are specially tailored to meet the needs of foreign students or We can say almost 75% of the courses. From Management to health, Science to Technology, hospitality to computer science, all courses are available.

If you are stressing over the qualification level, do not! English-taught courses are opened to enroll students at all qualification levels including master’s, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees. Surprisingly, France is now taking admissions for summer and short courses that are available in the English language.

Do you know how to speak a bit of French? If yes, then depending on your proficiency level of understanding, speaking, writing, and reading in French, partly English-taught courses are also offered.

English-taught courses for Bachelor’s

Are you planning to go to France right after graduating from school? No worries because you will be still getting a long list of institutes with English-taught courses. All students are welcome to apply for the course that interests them or entices them to make a future career.

The top-most recommended French institutes for foreign scholars that have a wide number of courses in English include:

  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • ESC Clermont
  • American University of Paris
  • Burgundy School of Business

English-taught courses for Master’s

Knowing the fact that almost 80% of the total master’s level courses are offered in English you must try your luck to get admission. The preferable fields are Science, Technology, Business, Management, Engineering, Social, Political Science, and Environmental studies. The below-mentioned universities are our top picks.

  • PSB Paris School of Business
  • ESIEE Paris
  • Georgia Tech Lorraine
  • IESA – School of Arts and Culture
  • University of Paris-Sud

Admission requirements for English-taught courses

It is important to know that no matter if you are applying for a degree that is taught in English, French, or partially in English, the admission criteria are the same, except for a few changes that are of minor significance. It serves justice to all international students, this way. In most cases, your respected university will ask for valid evidence supporting your claim of completing previous education in the English language. Or else, you need to submit proof of your English language proficiency test, commonly IELTS but depending on the state and institute other tests are also accepted.

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