Honda Activa-I 110 (CBS): The compact scooter sold 575 €!

A Honda scooter economic, meeting the primary education needs for mobility, sure and very cheap, in these times of crisis that made dream. But this two-wheeled vehicle exists… at least in India (for the moment!), country where the manufacturer with the Wing indeed has just launched Honda Activa-I it 110 Cm3. Its price: 44,200 rupees (- of 575 €)! Presentation

 Honda Activa-I 110 (CBS): The compact scooter sold 575 €!

“Ready to fly”! So in the literal sense its slogan affixed on the sides of its careen-age postpones seems to us somewhat ambitious, force is to recognize however that new Honda Activa-I am designed to fly over the difficulties related to mobility downtown. Gauge, weight, carrying, combined brake, facility of catch in hand, new the line entry of the Japanese manufacturer is a basic utility meeting our primary education needs for displacements urban.

Finally our needs not yet, because it is on the Indian market that the two-wheeled vehicle is launched today, a expensive market at Honda besides, which corners 50 % of share there on the segment of the automatic scooter. Accessible to firstly-reaching, but especially builds to satisfy at the request of the small budgets, Honda Activa-I am one to switch little expensive with the use as with the purchase.

 Honda Activa-I 110 (CBS): The compact scooter sold 575 €!

Honda Activa-I: The camel of the Japanese production!

Cut to transport with “comfort” its two passengers (Indian?), Honda Activa-I it animated by the one-cylinder last Honda of 110 Cm3 would need only 1.7 liter to traverse 100 km. Its power is not phenomenal (it is close to 8 horses), but taking into account its very light weight (103 kg in functioning order), approval should be with go. Practical, the utility has a trunk under saddle of 18 liters, being able to accommodate a helmet jet with long visor, but thanks to its flat floor and with the hook placed at the end of saddle, the carrying of bulky bag can be considered.

With its general form, the design of its optics or the fitting of its instrument panel, Honda intends to allure customers of young Indians and Indians seeking a high-class product recognized (reliable thus!), but especially accessible. It seems that is perfectly the case, Honda Activa-I displayed in Bombay like elsewhere in India with 44,200 rupees (575 €) being indeed the two-wheeled vehicle the least expensive ever produced by the Japanese constructor.

 Honda Activa-I 110 (CBS): The compact scooter sold 575 €!

Honda Activa-I: Technical specifications:

  • One-cylinder of 109.2 Cm3
  • 4t, air cooling
  • Maximum power of 8 ch (5.83 kw) with 7,500 tr/min
  • Maximum couple of 0.9 daN.m with 5,500 tr/min
  • Consumption manufacturer: 1.7 l/100 km
  • Electric starting and kick
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Hydraulic fork
  • Hydraulic Mono-shock absorber
  • Drum AV and AR of 130 mm (combined)
  • Tire AV and AR: 90/100 X 10
  • Dimensions (L X L X H): 1,795 X 705 X 1,115 mm
  • Footing: 1,238 mm
  • Height of saddle: 765 mm
  • Weight in functioning order: 103 kg
  • Keep on the ground: 165 mm
  • Case under saddle of 18 liters

Honda Activa-I 110 (CBS): The compact scooter sold 575 €!

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