Yamaha FZ8 will continue its career at the sides of the MT-09

Yamaha has just revealed its very new Yamaha MT-09, which causes already many reactions that for its line, its strategic positioning or its philosophy. One could in particular wonder whether its arrival would put an end to the career of the Yamaha FZ8… we know.

Yamaha FZ8 will continue its career at the sides of the MT-09

The arrival of an innovation such as Yamaha MT-09 raises many questions, in particular that of a replacement within the range, the manufacturers not being able to multiply the production lines (in particular that the engines) unbounded.

We asked to Alexandre Kowalski, marketing director, communication and competition of Yamaha Motor France, if the new Yamaha MT-09 were going to replace the Yamaha FZ8 and its answer is clear: “At all. The new MT-09 is able to form a new departure at Yamaha. It is a new starting point for the MT initials which indicate “Master degree of Torque”, and which means that the accent was related to the couple bring new feelings of control, a road approval of a new kind between the stall torque and a reduced weight, the line of the Yamaha FZ8/Fazer8 will continue its career on its side”.

Name FZ-09 reserved for the Yamaha MT-09 for the US market was dictated only by the fact that the American branch of Yamaha did not invest much on previous the MT family (MT-01 and MT-03) and the decision makers American preferred to exploit continuity name FZ.

If Yamaha Motor France more does not wish to evoke the evolution of its range, it is quite simply because part of this one is growing old, and that a good amount of models be about to leaving the catalog with the profit of a renewal (TDM900, YZF-R1, YZF-R6, FZ1…), to even profit from punt forms driving/tallies of the Yamaha MT-09. One can only think of a ducted version of the MT-09 or new TDM 3-cylinders that goes from oneself…

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