Peugeot Citystar 125i Active: More comfort and reliable

More accessible, nimble and easy to take in hands that the scooters of the GT category, Peugeot Citystar 125i is a scooter GT medium which today is proposed in a version with the many equipment. It is named activates and advances a quality ratio/price of most interesting.

 Scooter Peugeot Citystar 125i Active: More comfort and reliable

On the segment of scooters 125 GT medium, with the compact gauge but with the many practical aspects, Peugeot proposes Citystar 125i (of which you can find the complete test here). More accessible and accessible that the commuters of the Satelis range, Citystar is an easy and comfortable scooter which today is proposed in an exclusive series even more protective.

Peugeot Citystar 125i Active currently arrives in the network and sees itself equipped with a momentary splash plate, of a two-tone saddle, a high windshield, support smart phones, a tight satchel laptop Zulu pack. It is recognizable by its single color technique varnished (gray metalized). Peugeot Citystar 125i Activates exchanges itself against the sum of 3,399 €, that is to say 200 € moreover than the standard model.

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