The Honda as of late affirmed another cycle of 150cc named “Honda Trigger 150 Cb” which will accessible in business sector January 2014. Honda Trigger CB accompanies Cg 150 4 stroke motor and its make with most recent Japanese Technology and 11 Horse Power with squat fuel consumption. Honda Trigger  has guaranteeing to carry best for quality, speed and fuel utilization’s in their new approaching Motorbikes. The Honda Cg Triggers 150cc Motor Bike will simple be accessible on all commissioned stores of Honda in January 2014 in Pakistan market.

here its beautiful wallpapers and pictures are available for free download.

Honda-CB Trigger Test Ride wallpaper (1024 × 703)
Honda-CB Trigger Test Ride wallpaper (1024 × 703)

However several motorbikes fans in India thoughts that Honda might be bringing in the CB150R Streetfire, before the CB Trigger was launched. However what Honda did was bring in similar design prompts and smacks them on to its trusted Unicorn’s 150cc engine block, so that creates the Trigger a bit of a visual extravagance. The fuel  tank is well carve in shape, with pretend intakes on either side, and the headlamp styling abides a strong resemblance to the CB1000R except for the chin band.

Honda-CB-Trigger black wallpaper (1024x684)
Honda-CB-Trigger black wallpaper (1024×684)

The Honda Trigger is based on the same rhombus frame as the outgoing Dazzler, and as well gets a fat exhaust along with a fully digital console that provides a lot of info with  orange backlit. While the Pulsars get even backlit switches and the FZs get some premium grade ones, Trigger gets cheap plastic ones, and presume what  there’s no engine kill switch either, from a buyer’s point of view, I’d want all of those if I am spending this kind of money. It is proved that Honda just doesn’t want to do away with its single cylinder 149.1cc air-cooled motor that it has been using on the Unicorn, and possibly to play it safe.

Honda-CB Trigger 150 present wallpaper (1024x683)
Honda-CB Trigger 150 present wallpaper (1024×683)
honda 150 trigger side view wallpaper (1024x683)
honda 150 trigger side view wallpaper (1024×683)
Honda-CB150R choice photo (816x659)
Honda-CB150R choice photo (816×659)
CB Trigger rear side wallpaper (1024x683)
CB Trigger rear side wallpaper (1024×683)

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