Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

Yesteryear scooter, shell steel and shifting to the handlebar, has an unmistakable flavor, but is used with an instruction not necessarily simple to assimilate. To democratize the kind, LML offers the LML Star 4T 125 automatic, equipped with a controller rather than a box. So, is it really more accessible? The answer is here!

 Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

In the segment of vintage scooter, LML innovates. This year, the Italian company known and recognized for the quality and authenticity of its two-wheelers manufactured in India, has indeed developed a new model supposed to democratize the use of clone ancestral Italian wasp LML Star 4T Automatic 125 cm3.

Finished the (sometimes tedious) shift to the handlebar: the 4-speed gearbox will crowd out and place in an automatic final transmission became indispensable accessory on modern scooters. Also exit the management of (little progressive) rear brake to the right foot, via the pedal located to the floor of LML Star 2 and classic 4 Star.

Now on the left handle has become fixed, the clutch lever is replaced by the rear brake lever. Thus provided, the yesteryear model rather elitist would have actually become easier to access? Check this without further ADO!

 Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

As in a chair … the seventies!

The cream saddle of our test to the chocolate color nice model is perched to 820 mm and yet, given his finesse, even small stencils will easily build on the ground with both feet. With a nearly flat floor of addition released from the rear brake pedal, there is room for, for example, take the bag that cannot store elsewhere, on this without gear safe.

The handlebar of the LML Star Automatic is placed down. Suddenly, in the absence of the slightest element of protection around the round headlight, the vision on the road is the most extensive. Properly installed, bust right, slightly splayed by a quite right handlebar, the pilot view a basic dash, embodying the traditional arrangement of the authentic old scooter.

Point electronic gadget here, the speed reads on a simple needle meter. There is still no partial mileage on the LML, but this gap is here balanced by the presence of a fuel gauge segmented placed in the upper part of the accessory. The commands are the most basic but always atypical. Flashing button and circuit breaker are installed at left, lamp and buzzer on the right.

 Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

LML Star 4t automatic: The urban tortilla

To initiate the Indian single cylinder, it should activate a kick to the old. But for convenience in everyday life, the modern LML also has an electric start. Contact! Mono is shakes instantly, leaving filter a few little annoying vibration and sound, not too much, but pretty nice. New standards require this modern LML doesn’t have the acoustics of the legendary 2-stroke retardants of yesteryear, although its sound identity remains quite singular, quite different from common scooters in our market. OWL!

A light stroke of kidney, the LML Star 4 125 Automatic descends from its unique central stand. It must be said that, although it is composed of steel plate, the vintage scooter weighed by us to 119.2 kg all full facts is not heavier than a 50 conventional cm3. Its size also contained the class in the category of compact two-wheelers. Then, necessarily, in the urban environment, with its turning radius extraordinary, ridiculous wheelbase and its small 10 inch wheels, the LML Star automatic, as sisters of range, is a tortilla simple to handle.

This wealth in piloting is also made possible by the amenity given by the new system of automatic transmission, generating fewer jolts than the manual transmission proportion of which turns out to be rather fine. The answer to the handle is immediate and if it is necessary to get used of a bit violent character of the mill down with regimes. They are on the other hand satisfied to have a certain punch to play green light the girls of air.

 Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

Aficionados of the speed, go your way!

Of course, in the absence of speed slows down when the engine brake the Automatic is less present than on other Star. That said, the braking control levers fully to offer more progressive. The front and back biting does not block too quickly. Side suspension, this new LML Star 4T 125 equipped with the same accessories as other scooters range (including the characteristic fork arm in front) is rigid. This reinforces its liveliness, less comfort, even if it offers a soft saddle. Suddenly we skip some on the pavement and we remain vigilant to the passage of any deformation of the floor.

With a maximum speed measured at 95 km/h (105 mph at the counter), the Star 4 T Auto can venturing on expressways, but this is not his favorite playground. Twirling character is not most appropriate to offer impeccable handling at high speed, besides the absence of superior protection encourages not evolving at this rate. At least the broad deck houses properly legs. Anyway to the handlebars, so we prefer to stroll in town, guaranteed not go unnoticed thanks to its timeless plastic still in sight.

 Test LML Star 4T 125 2013 (Automatic)

Assessment: Always essential, but lightened instructions

Actually easier to access than other genuine scooters sheet steel ’70s-80’s – under the banner LML or instigator in the Italian manufacturer of its kind – but the LML Star 4T 125 cm3 Automatic remains a less easy craft tame that modern scooters or new-retro market. Practical Aspects (only a glove box can house a few minor business on LML), equipment, protection, modern scooters also offer more than the new Indian icon. However, few are able to really compete with charisma. Attracted by its incomparable boils yesteryear, if he agrees to take a little more time to take in hands, the urban novice flavored will therefore find full satisfaction in this new variation of the Star sold €2,490. On this point of view also, the craft becomes less elitist than before.

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