If it is a motorcycle Builder who dares, it is Honda. And the number 1 in the world proving it again in 2014 with the CTX 1300, new variation of the Custom Touring concept introduced last year by the F6B. Style bagger neat, large V4 borrowed from the Pan European, solid part-cycle and equipment high range, the Honda CTX 1300 2014 C- ABS induces? Here is the answer!!!

Honda CTX1300 wallpaper (1024 × 768)
Honda CTX1300 wallpaper (1024 × 768)

When Manu was testing the Honda F6B last year 2013, he spoke of the relevance of this bike to a new genus. First expression of custom touring, concept supposed to mix style custom alluring and drivability of GT. This sauce bagger Gold Wing was later to take under his wing Golden other models using the same principle.

It did eventually take long wait since on this Moose niche of most current landed this year the new CTX: first the CTX 700 recently tried on bikes doctor, then the rewarding 1300, which we booked you the scoop, and in his usual with this Honda CTX 1300 number 1 global innovates.

Big V4 derived from that of 1300 Pan European, part rugged cycle and luxurious amenities: sold $USD9030 less than F6BHonda CTX 1300 no shortage of assets or style elsewhere. What crack for the new Japanese touring custom? It chances are

Treated With Admiration

The installation riding Honda CTX1300 reveals a very good accessibility. The saddle located only 735 mm above the floor gives good support, which helps to master so long beast 339kg weight all full facts about the balance Bike Station, maneuvering at the stop. The spacious seat and enveloping returning give comfort, even if it must deal with a substantial tank width in the crotch. As for the large curved handlebar and precisely placed footrests, they adopt a loose, very close to the standards of the GT category riding position.

honda ctx1300 drive picture (900 × 600)
honda ctx1300 drive picture (900 × 600)

Bust right, legs slightly bent, properly seated behind the wide console, the driver enjoys natural ergonomics of the controls on the handlebar, also a little high. We can of course reduce the wide dirigeior, but it was the rear which suffers.

Honda CTX 1300 dash is complete. It includes all the classical information, plus those displayed by the Board on bottom of central keypad LCD computer. It is nice, but still far removed from the driver. However, readability is quite good, fortunately.

The integration of the speakers is satisfactory, as the presence of two smart overlooking the audio system controls. Too bad however need to let go of the handlebar to manipulate.

2014 Honda CTX1300 test couple drive (755x385)
2014 Honda CTX1300 test couple drive (755×385)

A Ballerina- Way Fantasia

Get off the Honda CTX 1300 of its central stand – or relieved of his side requires a bit of effort. However, this bike is not reserved only musclemen. Indeed, the first rounds of wheels unveil a finally pretty easy grip, CTX with a centre of gravity to the lowest assuring him some maneuverability at low speeds. A feature for the less surprising on a machine of this template.

Suddenly if CTX impresses at the stop, it puts inevitably his driver in confidence very quickly. The clutch lever we appears a bit rough to operate, but the selection is fresh and accurate. Its 1,261 CC V4 tows gently at low revs, the tachometer needle is aligned on 2 000 RPM, in hissing way Street Triple R not pleasant for my taste.

Honda CTX 1300 2014 picture (500 × 375)
Honda CTX 1300 2014 picture (500 × 375)

The serious ROAR emanating from the two outputs exhaust happily takes over as soon as the opening of the gas is more frank. A kicker is felt on the start-up phase, some transmission noises also. Linear, without being too violent, the ascent impressed however. The CTX 1300 a of the trunk and distills its big torque between 2,500 and 5 500 RPM, recalling the immediate progeny of CTX with STX. Up to 5 500 rpm it means, because the Pan offers a wider range of use, up to 7 500 RPM.

Accreditation offered by the reworked by Honda V4 is however very good, large boiler showing more flexibility and elasticity. It crosses with ease on the ratios and, if it is necessary to extricate themselves from one situation to risk quickly, no need to knit selector: the Honda CTX 1300 responds frankly from 3 000 RPM, offering very compelling times. The sensations are here.

Honda CTX1300  drive 2014 wallpaper (1280 × 801)
Honda CTX1300 drive 2014 wallpaper (1280 × 801)

 Best Road Holding and Braking

 Well placed on its big wheels, the Honda CTX 1300 demonstrated remarkable stability in a straight line as on the corner. Its really closed suspensions give this rigorous character. Other side of the coin, the shock absorbers handset somewhat dryly meets the passage of a fitting or an imperfection of the asphalt and you also feel some returns to the handlebars on most pronounced deformations.

His Directorate provides a certain liveliness, offering reassuring guidance, although it should deal with the impression to be seated on the rear wheel of a motorcycle to the excessive front. The CTX application of anticipation so but we chained turns with enough ease.

Better than on a custom classic, but not as good as on a real road, the ground clearance allows a degree of tilt maintaining the integrity of the foot, at least in a normal driving. Another strong point of the CTX 1300, its full braking. True success, the C- ABS Honda reassures by its perfect calibration. It offers even some comfort insofar as in 90% of cases, the only request for the foot brake is enough to slow the bike or sit it conveniently at the approach of a turn.

2014 Honda CTX 1300  photo (500 × 375)
2014 Honda CTX 1300 photo (500 × 375)

Motorway Cruiser and Roadster for Han Solo

 Nice in the winding, the Honda CTX 1300 is played Pullman on the fast axes. On coated smooth, comfort reigns and, although her bubble is reduced to its simplest expression, protection is finally good enough until the legal speeds.

Turbulence appears on the upper part of the body the legs and feet are ideally preserved – but the pressure of the air remains perfectly bearable. In addition, no return pushes toward the front of the machine. However past 100 km/h, the audio system is inaudible, even in the jet. The vision of the pavement is perfect, conferring there still good feelings of taxi.

Off-obvious topic for this type of machine, on a stretch cleared of any unexpected, a Cannonball fired unceremoniously allows us to take the measure of the riser. However, we note a maximum speed of 201 km/h to the GPS, 210 km/h meter. And the ease of the CTX to reach this speed speaks volumes about elasticity and health of its engine.

Honda CTX 1300 with papular mechanics picture (600 × 600)
Honda CTX 1300 with papular mechanics picture (600 × 600)

As you cannot have it all, the duo is not the strong point of the CTX 1300. Its beautiful saddle be welcoming, its foot-well positioned, in the absence of sissy-bar and with handles to which it can that hold, and not cling, sudden accelerations and braking passenger. In addition, the drought of the rear shock absorber does not comfort. We can still optimize it by playing on the preload on the handset.

Review- Not just a firmest.

Honda CTX 1300 is a beautiful bike, which look solid and atypical can surprise at first glance, but which is assessed in detail and, especially, savored on the road. Even less swift than on the Pan European, the V4 Honda wholesale always makes its small effect. Round and full accreditation, it offers great flexibility and a convincing reactivity, in addition to exposing beautiful housings, a nice melody in the towers and a line exhaust chrome the most beautiful effect.

Loose driving position is a real strong point of CTX 1300, as its level of equipment. Certainly, this new top of the line Honda is less sophisticated than a more opulent F6B  but sold $ 33619 USD. In light of alike benefits, the $ 9030 USD that separate it from Flat 6 Bagger are a real quality and if the $ 24589 USD to pay to acquire the Honda CTX 1300 C- ABS is a certain sum, this rate remains competitive, especially for which eyeing that on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide, or even on a Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager Custom. Whatever it is its commercial future, force is to recognize the interest on the road, as in information, this third declension of the Custom stamped Touring Honda concept. Strongly the follow-up.

Honda CTX1300T test drive on high way wallpaper (1280 × 854)
Honda CTX1300T test drive on high way wallpaper (1280 × 854)
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