Yes! Even if it comes just to arrive in France, the Yamaha SR400 concessions is not frankly frankly a novelty. Telling about 35 year career in the Asia-Pacific market, mono small to the tuning forks has had all the time to carve out a solid reputation among bikers as among professionals of the motorcycle around the world.

Evidenced by this delicious scrambler out JPD Custom, who usually officiates the Star range. The taulier, Jeff Palhegyi, got his hands on one of the earliest SR 400 arrivals to the States and will put a big week to make what you have under the eyes. Lean back loop, extra flat saddle, Fender alu short and raised, lateral running plates, shock absorbers Race tech bespoke, high exhaust House. There’s the idea in this 400 Yamaha SR Scrambler.

Yamaha SR 400 Scrambler Special picture  (613 × 475)
Yamaha SR 400 Scrambler Special picture (613 × 475)
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By Oliver

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