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Today we offer one of the indispensable accessories for those who need to ‘carry the House slopes’, Shad SH39 trunk. Freshly the Shad presented us at the EICMA 2013 the redesign of its popular baul SH39, a pack that updated aesthetically, and as its name indicates, maintains the 39 actual liters of capacity, but with a totally renewed aesthetics. Shad SH39 trunk now has a sportier design as well as elegant, is provided with top effect carbon and optionally we can order it with the top painted in different colors. Forms have rounded to give you a more compact and aerodynamic look, plastic materials in gloss and Matt have been combined and it has been chosen by retro-reflectors in white.

shad-sh39  2014 wallpaper (1030 × 687)
shad-sh39 2014 wallpaper (1030 × 687)

 The Trunk Shad SH39

To have a capacity of 39 liters, it is a very compact trunk, with the ideal size for getting around the city and to make long journeys. It is designed especially for scooters and motorcycles of cylinder capacity medium. Internally it is capable of hosting a full-face helmet and a jet helmet (see Photo Gallery), where you can add some other textile accessory in the gaps that remain free such as gloves, covers necks. The only limitation is that it has a maximum load of 3 kg capacity and we must not exceed the 120 km/h speed. Trunk or top case dimensions are 51 cm wide, 43 background and 32 high and with its 3.1 kg is, according to the brand, Pack lighter in its category since both the base and the lid are designed with a minimum thickness of material, but with the same resistance to impact and scratches. It has pressure sealing of easy to operate and includes grille assembly to the carrier and the necessary hardware kit. Because optional accessories Shad offers an adaptable light kit to place it at the bottom of base, interchangeable color covers, and a backup that improves the ergonomics and comfort of our passenger.

CASES Shad SH39 2014 (1030 × 687)
CASES Shad SH39 2014 (1030 × 687)

Shad SH39 trunk 2014 Mounts

The installation is relatively simple but it depends much on the bike or scooter where is to be mounted. In our case we mounted it on a Piaggio Beverly 350 ST have where needed, as well as the trunk with their corresponding Grill, an adapter that sold separately and which guarantees the correct placement of the same. To commentator the specific basis, it is necessary to drill 3 holes of 18 mm in trim plastic carrier, where we will introduce 3 bolts with their corresponding screws. To the realization of holes you need a drill and drill bit 18 mm. It comes with instruction manual and cutout a template to locate the holes, but in my case I had to rectify the position of the holes because they did not coincide exactly with the holes in the carrier the manual correspond to the Beverly Tourer 125, 250 and 400 and not coincides with the New Beverly 125, 300 and 350.

This operation requires around 15 or 20 minutes if the holes line the first and I’ve needed 10 minutes more for having to rectify. The rest of installation ‘is’, we only need basic tools, wrench or wrench, alien wrench and a Phillips screwdriver to follow the steps outlined in the instructions and in another 10 or 15 minutes we can have and the Shad SH39 mounted trunk.

Cases Shd SH39 image (400 × 297)
Cases Shd SH39 image (400 × 297)
Trunk mounted shad sh39
Trunk mounted shad sh39

What we imagine of the Shad SH39 trunk 2014?

We liked the Shad SH39 trunk; they are pleasant to the sight and touch, although plastic satin side areas have a tendency to be marked with the confrontation. The closure is hermetic and the Assembly and the edges of each piece are perfectly finished. It has two keys and a bowler hat that blocks both the opening of the trunk as the anchorage to the base with only turns 90 degrees. In the month of March, if we kept in the trunk about 2.5 kg a full face helmet and a rain suit, not we will realize that carry the SH39 since.

cases SH39 picture (533 × 400)
cases SH39 picture (533 × 400)

Not stands out from our body when we look for mirrors and nor I noticed that you affect the general behavior of the bike. If we use it to make the buy of the week we will have to beware of well the load so that it does not dislodge in turns. It is true that slightly varies the Centre of gravity of the whole, but in general, thanks to its lightness strange behavior, are not appreciated or even to exceed the 120 km/h which is the maximum speed recommended by Shad. Shad SH39 trunk price is Euros 92, the price of the kit of fixing top master V0TR 18ST is Euros 33, 07 VAT included. If you are looking for a trunk with greater capacity also Shad SH46 test might be interested.

Cases Shad SH39 wallpaper (1024x768)
Cases Shad SH39 wallpaper (1024×768)

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