KTM Adventure R 1190 MSC Test 2014: the high road to a Enduro part

Here we are going to testing for KTM 1190 Adventure R. A great track whose fondness for whole Earth already pronounced confirms this version A. But this is not all: the 1190 KTM Adventure R 2014 inherits also ABS Bosch MSC, we tested in long, wide, but not all the way through of.


KTM 1190 Adventure picture (600x406)

KTM 1190 Adventure picture (600×406)

In more than 10 years of existence, the KTM 1190 Adventure has made a place in the market of great trails. Substantially reviewed in 2013, the Queen of the great routes of tecleadas roads has not experienced a profound change for 2014. Today is 1 190 Adventure R tested motorcycle offroad affirmed guidance.

In addition, the arrival of the e-support unprecedented in a series of motorcycles, KTM has assistance and exclusive braking curve Bosch motorcycle Stability Control. In short, after a road trip between the roads of mountain and road test, so we try to establish the KTM defect in vain.

Costa KTM Adventure1190R test wallpaper (1000x697)

Costa KTM Adventure1190R test wallpaper (1000×697)

A seems very off road

Before attempting to bend handlebar electronic hearing tests, yet take a look at this 1190 KTM Adventure R. And have two bikes in front of me, I have to say that visual difference between this version of R and KTM Adventure 1190 standard and not play for the favor of the mentioned first. Without a doubt, this is my pilot way instinct to speak.

And this is without doubt the Orange frame as the KTM Marc Coma Rally official that will impress your guests first! Then enter the additional protection of the engine and radiator of the same color, fairly well integrated into the whole. The colors black and white, giving a more aggressive look to the 1190 KTM Adventure R, one has the feeling that more bike light. Also feels really which from R officially 5 kg weighs more than the adventure. Personally, I think that on a motorcycle happily double Central, it is no longer so close.

For the rest, the seat is a single block, bubble shortens the wheels slightly larger dimensions Enduro 21-inch front, 18-inch rear and, finally, suspensions adopt larger displacements, but not addressing the electronic settings.

ktm 1190 adventure r bosch msc picture (800x533)

ktm 1190 adventure r bosch msc picture (800×533)

Enduro spirit

Once on the saddle, the surprise: I’m not even a little lost. Ergonomics is really one is on a bike for enduro, even if the template is inevitably more imposing. But after having tried other big trails in our comparative trails in 2013, the 1190 KTM Adventure is almost a small motorcycle; its width in the crotch is not really excessive for such displacement.

890 mm seat height was not really surprised me  because there is also very close to that found in Enduro  less drivers can enjoy less. Another advantage for me the ergonomics of this KTM: foot position is very natural, is not too curved back and wrists also rotate. And once again, the softness of the bike makes you feel at ease during the handle. Come on, get to work.

 TT suspensions effective way

Instead of instinctive ergonomics promotes accuracy of the address. Obviously, Adventure R is not a motorcycle, but seems quite lively and playful, even if the center of gravity can be a high stack seems to me, probably a little more than the “road” version. I remember that the BMW R 1200 GS stood out at this point and is more sensitive to changes in angle thanks to its flat engine.

Even so, Austrian Orange seems stuck in the ground and held their curved lines perfectly fast, but also firm. Hangers put confidence: once again, the behavior typical terrain elements WP help me a bit. Also I was surprised by the strength of the whole: the dive before it is needed in a sudden braking and transmits the information well another advantage of the fork, which certainly does not have the configuration of mail, the compression settings is accessible, even while driving, and its influence on behavior is obvious. Just a few clicks to strengthen or soften the fork. The back shows it as a fairly strong, losing almost all the comfort at the beginning of the race, but does not reveal any suspicious behavior when you want it

KTM 1190 Adventure wallpaper (640x400)

KTM 1190 Adventure wallpaper (640×400)

Embark factory road

I must say that the 1190 KTM Adventure R is probably set in the factory to support “a bit” more than my 70 pounds fully equipped. And anyway, this configuration requires cuts enduro typed to give the best of himself. However, the balance sheet is good, mass transfers not put too much emphasis on the braking. Breaking whose teeth seemed a little weak in the first kilometers.

In the end, the compromise between power and escalation is very valuable and allows brakes are planted late, very late… Here is the front to talk, since in the back, the feeling is a little less instinctive: hard to find the limit for the activation of the ABS that creates a slight increase on the pedal. Trailer braking does not help to isolate the front feeling or rear.

A word about the comfort on board anyway. After having used motorcycle saddles “wood” road, I found the saddle of the KTM Adventure R 1190 in comfortable place… at least the first day. Due to the long seat lacks a bit of softness and firmness of the shock, does not help the monotonous journey. The short of the bubble has a very significant visibility including TT. The disadvantage on the fast track, missing a couple of inches to allow for comfortable driving, especially if you do not use a helmet.


KTM 1190 adventure R (600x400)

KTM 1190 adventure R (600×400)

Sports- the twin of Austria

Side of the engine, this is not new: is known to gallop horses at KTM. Midrange at an appropriate level in the towers, devil that works! Leave 50 to 90 km / h in third gear is something nice, which grows very strong this 1190 KTM Adventure R. The range of choice is still the range average, very muscular. I’m also a little dissatisfied when it will wrap at low rpm missing 1,190 for my taste a little flexibility. However, we appreciate the accuracy of net gas offered by injection well calibrated. The same when it comes to cruise at a moderate pace: pulls in the sixth report that quickly convince you to slow down. It is well known, LC8 blocks have never been fans of a smooth ride, prefer a change of pace.

Once workers user manuals, rushed to play with its vivacity, blows gas push one corner to the other and it takes even small bumps mock the clutch in the third report on the Court. If the email address is forbidden Adventure R suspension, engine has meanwhile several options with different driving modes.

The Sport mode offers a bit more rage and the explosiveness of the towers, and that is the only notable difference. For my part, felt the difference between the Enduro modes, the street and the rain is really minimal. Anyway, the player and it is ideal for climbing the mountain passes, the KTM Adventure R 1190 twin remains human reach.


ktm 1190 adventure r bosch msc picture (800x533)

ktm 1190 adventure r bosch msc picture (800×533)

Limits of the electronics out of bitumen

Attach proof of attendance in the braking MSC angle now standard on both versions of the 1190 KTM Adventure. This is accompanied by Jean-Pierre Goy we are going to do our tests. The famous French trick was the first to jump, hold the brakes on a sandy curve bluntly. And without any problems! After this demonstration… well you have to go.

Not be public electronic adept, I must say that Bosch stability control is a good surprise. It must also say that the front ABS provides a very good feeling in the land where some competing braking prolong unduly to prevent the lock from the front, KTM Adventure R 1190 slows down frank and gives confidence. And all tyres off road, please! There is no doubt that the combined action of braking together brings additional efficiency. Here I am almost reconciled to an audience that had a gift no one a priori to seduce a pilot road.

Traction control is meanwhile very suitable for off-road aficionados outputs (under certain conditions), but when you have the correct level in the TT, will be displayed in my opinion a little too intrusive, although Enduro mode releases a bit of rear wheel. At the start of a slide, for example, support the network stops the bike rises and hurries to make him lose the… especially if you are anticipating this slide! Disabling of the rear ABS is also a necessary step to recover the feelings on the ground.

KTM test electronic assistance wallpaper

KTM test electronic assistance wallpaper

Wrapping Up: The road more enduro and vice versa

KTM 1190 Adventure R is clearly the more typical way of road bikes that has been given to me to try. Either visually or in terms of ergonomics, impossible to not reconcile with their tacos cousins.

Adapted to travel standing in the Stirrups, allowing greater freedom of movement in the saddle with his finesse but also dug his small seat, we can clearly see the desert of Morocco to deal with the handlebars! Its thinness in the motor also venture into narrow passages that would be fatal to a 2-cylinder.

In addition, this low mechanical footprint can tender feet ahead, which is important in technical passages in any field. We also like its structure, precise and rigorous, even if it is not more agile in the category. In terms of the LC8 engine, missing that small velvet wrapping very well at low revs and no “click” in the gas network. It is all the more important in any field also. Indeed, even 106 horsepower, the mill remains oriented qu’offroad sports. This does not dislike us, but some will probably claim a little more roundness.

Finally, apart can be difficult to measure a rear brake, electronic public all have been very convincing, especially the Bosch MSC system, even in a road bike typical that the pilot should have total control. Sold the 1190 $ 21.79, KTM Adventure R is one of the major routes from the high-end of the market, either in terms of performance or technological content. What is according to the sales price, high in absolute terms.

KTM 1190 Adventure 2014 R  wallpaper (1154x768)

KTM 1190 Adventure 2014 R wallpaper (1154×768)

KTM review 2014 (1024x608)

KTM review 2014 (1024×608)

I hope you enjoyed watching the KTM Adventure R 1190 MSC Test 2014 and  wallpapers.

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