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Yamaha MT-07, is the innovation of the year 2014 at the average cylinder capacity roadsters; featherweight, punchy and tight price personality. But the all-new Honda CB650F just him against other influences superior performance, quality of manufacture. and equipment for a little more expensive. What is the worth? Here is the answer of Testy!

In two wheeler market the France is famous where everything sells for powered two-wheelers, with even a few “specialties” like big scooters 3-wheeled homologated or the average cylinder capacity roadsters. That fall well, the latter family of motorcycles offer renews itself for 2014.

Yamaha MT-07 A Hard Roadster?

Yamaha MT-07 hit very, very hard with arguments shock typed line, weight, engine punchy and rikiki prices allowing him to impose dens our comparison against the best seller Kawasaki ER – 6n a hair of course, however stagnant.

Face it, the Honda CB650F, a brand new motorcycle – original frame and new engine thought to current regulations A2 license and future Euro IV standards on which Honda update big… and concession at a time where we publish this comparison not yet!

Yamaha MT07
Yamaha MT07

These two average cylinder capacity roadsters will undoubtedly mark the 2014 vintage.

Honda CB 650 F Classic, better kaput

This is the 3rd time we drive on the Yamaha MT – 07 this year 2014 and notwithstanding the repetition, the little roadster Yamaha is still his little effect with his typed line, its remarkable delicacy and a Feather weight: 180 kg all full made to 689 cm3! Needless to say that the move engine extinguished statement of formality.

Succeeding, the Honda CB650F already exhibits a higher overweight: four-cylinder bulkier, less minimalist dressing and 212 kg all full facts about the balance Bike-Station. It feels during man oeuvres and certainly also the day where he will have to raise soil.

2014 honda cb650f rev
2014 honda cb650f rev

Preceding the other pointer, the Honda CB 650 F presents a beautiful quality manufacturing, with more noble materials including swingarm aluminium and stricter adjustments on the Yamaha.

The Honda CB650F is so not ashamed of its Thai origins to the Yamaha MT – 07 entirely constructed at the Japan.

Yamaha MT-07 agiler, less comfortable

With Bertrand, we agree to a petrol station, starting point convenient for calculations of consumption. Time to tease the friendly photographer of the Stations on the new look of hipster and we take the road. The grip of both bikes practically no problem. Ergonomics is relax in both cases, sufficiently low stool. As soon as he should sneak, there is inevitably the largest overall finesse of the Yamaha and its featherweight. The Honda, a little less handy, hides his relative overweight behind a beautiful neutrality and a better thought ergonomics. What is immediately confirmed on the highway.

yamaha mt07 test 2014
yamaha mt07 test 2014

On Honda CB 650 F, one can retreat a bit in the saddle for better slice through the air. The absence of real protection, it consoles himself with a much more comfortable seat. The handlebar of the Honda leaves more latitude of movement and mirrors are effective. On the Yamaha MT-07, we see especially his elbows and so narrow saddle in the crotch eventually to be uncomfortable.

Honda CB 650 F contains its vibrations as it may, with a more sensitive area on the first third of the tachometer which unpleasantly resonates its side scoops, while Yamaha MT-07 is almost full not.

Four insincerely hollow cylinders against sparkling twin

The motorway will scroll, and we do some testing times on the last two reports to various regimes. Taking into account the nature very punchy Yamaha MT-07, we give cheap Honda CB 650 F skin in this game but, surprisingly, its four cylinder in-line has not been behind as long as this.

As soon as the Honda passes the 6 000 rpm, she found the voice and glue to the Yamaha, or even file at high speed on the riser. Honda announced a horsepower engine: the world number one has not lied. And we must recognize that this “small” 650 cm3 of less than 100 horses is capable of quite respectable exceedances at midrange.

Honda CB650F
Honda CB650F

This without resorting to an outrageously short gear: 130 km/h, it turns to 6 000 tr/min or 1 000 rpm less than the Yamaha XJ6 for example. Nevertheless, under 4 500 rpm, point of Salvation: the couple of twin Yamaha MT-07 takes the lead in a systematic way. Probably only the 32 kilos less also promotes it.

The notion of weight/power ratio and agility are also at the heart of the sparkling character displayed by the Yamaha MT-07. Features that recall the outline of the specifications of the road KTM. And it is true that the Yamaha MT-07 will never ceased to stick us the banana in this confrontation.

Aboard, it sings Happy by Pharrel Williams while correcting the trajectories to the envi thanks to its lightness, it slams rear wheel in second of a simple flicking on the clutch. The Master of Torque 0-7, it’s fun in the rough.

Plant in Wheeling or Hunter to the point of rope?

Actually, the Honda CB650F seems priori less fun, giving less want to play all the time. On the other hand, it demonstrates a more rigorous behaviour. Thing that we did not fully appreciate at its launch press due to slippery roads.

mt 07 burny
mt 07 burny

Firstly, rigour of suspensions offered him much better handling regardless of the condition of the roadway. On good coating, cap holding is better and the distribution of masses more on forward brings more precision curve.

The Yamaha MT-07, which seems very far build on agility, shows less “scalpel” in patterns of turns. Certainly, thanks to its lightweight, it comes out always, but sometimes it does not always place nosewheel exactly where we want.

Similarly, when travelling Seine side, on a portion badly paved roads the MT-07 shows the limits of its depreciation. Its suspension more pump that must be the inheritance of bumps, while the Honda elements absorb better the inequalities. And yet, duo, the Yamaha would certainly become.

Decelerating, side feeling, power, are rather in favour of the Honda, but it is especially the transfer of masses during the emergency which is better managed on the CB650F braking.

Final Report: Rigour for Honda CB650F, fun for Yamaha MT 07

Better finished, fairly standard invoice, Honda CB 650 F does not suffer from real failure. It would be even more consistent, rigorous and practical daily that the Yamaha MT-07, even if Honda has forgotten the gear indicator that seduces both beginners.

Taking into account all its qualities, Honda CB 650 F in the table of marks is required… but Roundup not all votes in our personal opinion. It prevails on the side of reason but lost on the side of passion. The Yamaha MT-07 is much more exciting to drive.

Yamaha MT-07 Pricing

With its engine, performance, and agility of super motard, MT-07 proved fully in recreational use. Category A2 beginners will love agility and reduced its weight, the more experienced the player character. Then the Yamaha also has it the argument of the price $ 7940 in standard version, $ 8645 in ABS version.

Honda CB650F Pricing

On this ground, the Honda CB650F can fight: $ 9194 in standard version $ 9890 in version tricolor ABS, but the reds offer even more aggressive than the blue credits! In all cases, these two bikes of average displacement should upset the chessboard in place of the top sales of motorcycles over 125 cc in France and having regard to their qualities, this will be sufficiently defensible.

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