2015 bultaco rapitan models

The first BULTACO models will be built with its own in-house electrical propulsion system in the year 2015; the models being unveiled today are a tattletale peak at the motorcycles we will see riding our streets in the upcoming era.

Impartially 56 years since Don Paco Bultó was founded as a spin-off of Montesa Bultaco to follow the Spanish brand linked to competition and more than 30 after its disappearance it returns to the market with two electric motorcycles.

bultaco rapitan 2015
bultaco rapitan 2015

It’s the Bultaco Rapitan Sport and Bultaco Rapitan, two naked electric that are congenital as a result of the work of LGN TECH Design, Universidad Carlos III and the family package, delighted with this new initiative.

These models will arrive in the year 2015, with its development in Madrid and Barcelona, practically the European capital production electric motorcycle.The first steps in these two naked occurred precisely in the competition, participating with good feelings through LGN in the first electric motorcycle World Championship organized by the FIM in 2011. The result of all this is two naked ambitious to match the performance of a 2-cylinder equivalent of 600 cc with less limitations regarding to other electric models that is 100 percent Spanish.

Excellent performance up to 200 km in one Charge

To meet such challenge is equipped with a PowerCore motor eMK1 brushless induction yielding 54 HP of power and a whopping 125 Nm of maximum torque, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Also equipped with a system of energy recovery of braking Endurance PACK particularly efficient on urban routes. It is thus logical approves city up to 200 km of autonomy by the 110 road and 140 in mixed cycle.

The determined speed is limited to 145 km/h and the fairly light total weight for a model with these characteristics, 189 kg. The charging times do not represent an improvement over the already seen, takes between 3 hours and half 5 for a full charge will be reduced to 45 minutes or an hour with fast charging. Therefore remain motorcycle for daily use, but not for long trips.

bultaco rapitan sport
bultaco rapitan sport

By way of its development comes from the competition part cycle is also exciting, highlighting its particular Dual Link Evolution(DLE) front 100 mm travel fork. According to the creators is stiffer than a conventional without sacrificing comfort.

The front brake is a disc 320 mm and double piston and rear a 240 mm disc of a piston with ABS series. The chassis is a classic as multi-pipe and the seat height is 800 mm above the ground. All this is crowned by an instrument panel Biker Assistants promising interactions with Internet to get complete information on track.

A practice and enjoy full drive

The main differences between the Rapitan Sport and Rapitan are defined because one is proposed for a use more newspaper and another one to enjoy driving on designated days. The Rapitan has a more defined seat for two occupants, as well as space in what is traditionally the tank of fuel for a full-face helmet. The Rapitan Sport presents a more minimalist design style Dirt-Track racing. Do not have the space for the old, changed the great optical lead by two smaller hidden and the license plate is much more discreet.

The seat also features a different Bill, as well as the defenses of the fork and engine. But in essence engine and part cycle are shared.

A promising project as we say 100 percent Spanish sure has good pull by the brand name. You now have to endorse it with facts, as with more or less attractive prices. Would also help a Government push to install more recharging points in the cities, still very green in this sense.

bultaco rapitan back side view
bultaco rapitan back side view

According to Gerald Pöl lmann, Chairman and co-founder of the revived Bultaco Motors, “we have a team that is capable in all aspects of the development; the technology, the design, the mechanization and the sales, which will soon set up its sales network in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

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