BMW R1200GS Adventure vs Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tener

Both terrain has classic credibility at their place, now is our all-terrain resolutely focused trail evaluation made during reconnaissance of the raid Paris-Dunkerque. On this occasion, we chose to oppose the big trails adventurers cream cardan, vintage 2014: the BMW R1200GS Adventure and the XT1200ZE Yamaha Super Tenere. On track!

The evaluator database is full of comparative big trails. However for this umpteenth confrontation, we have chosen a much more terrain than usual test course. This envy trotted us in the head for many long, and the ability to perform investigation of the raid Paris-Dunkerque in the company of its organizers gave us the opportunity to confront two of the Queens of the sector in year 2014.

BMW R1200GS Adventure vs  Yamaha XT1200ZE super Tenere

BMW R1200GS Adventure vs Yamaha XT1200ZE super Tenere

The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure at left angle

GS adventure gained 113 horsepower at the crankshaft to 270 kg all full facts verified.

The Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Ténéré at the right corner

XT 1200ZE extended 112 horsepower at the crankshaft to 268 kg all full facts verified. To carry out this comparison very off road, we have chosen to equip these typed tires raid bikes: BMW road so the Metzeler Karoo3 Yamaha and the Continental TKC 80.

The BMW R1200GS Adventure intimidates with true tank

We detail our sparkling frames at the gates of the drafting, not even soiled by the first mosquito. Undeniably, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure impresses. From the front, she exhibits an extremely large body as blistered by his 30-litre tank, 7 more than the Yamaha!

Sentinels which coat fairings and casings are what make jealous all schools bikes, its commands to the Enduro feet already feel mud while the bubble, its baffle suggest outsized road capabilities and abilities.

BMW R1200GS test ride

BMW R1200GS test ride

The Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere at own side appears much more conventional, almost fine. But appearances are misleading since the Super Tenere is lighter than two small kilos on the scale.

Permanently well finished and now better equipped, Super Ténéré took on new technologies suspensions adjustable electronic, cruise control series then that BMW offers almost everything optional.

In the end, move these 2 large displacements expression takes on its meaning! Cut engine requires some attention even though pick up Earth is not impossible, as we will see later!

Yamaha 1200 Ténéré to the Dakar philosophy residues faith

After all comes the time to climb in the saddle. Not surprisingly, the Yamaha Super T presents a fairly traditional ergonomics. With 845 mm (in lowest position) seat height, it remains accessible to average templates 1.70 m which will however not more than a sole ground.

Formerly just standing to see than the Super Ténéré doesn’t deny his spirit rally raid. Our two motorcycles, this is certainly one that offers the most typed driving Enduro position.

The BMW Adventure reserves still a few surprises. Its seat is significantly higher on paper 890 mm in the lowest position, but BMW is a past master in the study of the arcade in the crotch. In fact, spent 1.75 m, it is possible to lay a boot – almost flat – ground. Similarly, the imposing tank does not too collect enough moderately spreading thighs.

Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tenere

Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tenere

Standing position less typed Enduro, notably because foot-located more backwards which oblige to tilt the torso forward while removing the arms rather than on the Yamaha.

The BMW only the Queen of the sovereignty

We surely a sum of hundred kilometers on road and motorway in this comparison. There, each is in its arguments. The XT1200ZE has risen sharply compared to the first generation: even more comfortable saddle, protection improved thanks to the new adjustable bubble without tool, but no case-foot. The vibrations are less sensitive than on the BMW, but the German kept relentless road arguments.

Protection of this endure is simply impressive, notably under the cloudbursts that we wiped. It protects almost as well as a genuine GT, except at the level of the feet and calves. Autonomy allows him to ride even over 100 km when the Yamaha needs to refuel at the end of 350 km.

bmw r 1200 gs adventure

bmw r 1200 gs adventure

The BMW retains any force in the winding Telelever, Paralever and boxer engine architecture that allows it to clear all the curves without difficulty. No big trail cardan cannot compete in terms of compromise ease and efficiency.

Rally raid tires are essential

Next having made acquaintance with the organizers of the Paris-Dunkerque, we begin our recognition of the picard course. Driven by the Tripy II GPS, we arpentons a Roman road, on the edge of field. Straight profile invites us to raise the pace from the outset. But 400 meters later, large rocks emerge as if by magic in our wheels, antics to the key !

Firstly: our two bikes are well protected. Against all odds, flat of the BMW cylinder play in its favour. Asked about his imposing barrier-carter, it is slightly raised from the ground: it helps a lot once it comes to redress such a mass. Mehdi, redac’ providing Chief concludes: «okay, we’ll quickly put canned the static photos, Astute determination.

After some hours, our Steering becomes more fluid, and we allow beautiful changes of ruts. However this relaxed, we could get it without rally raid tires. Concluded their spikes, they bring lot of serenity at the level of the front tire, which retains good grip while that backwards ensures a motor that has nothing to do with the tires road trails.

Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere test

Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere test

 The flat crack equally a mono Enduro

We met different conditions during our two days of MOP: dry slopes and brittle limits the first day, sometimes bold undergrowth, mud galore the second day… everything we were dreaming!

The Adventure BMW Telelever has shown its limits as a first step, moreover very sharply banking big holes. Forearms were subjected to strain, like the Steering damper. Then, changing settings, the GS has been nicer. She however could not, on this point, match the Yamaha Super Tenere.

The Yamaha is literally stamped holes and shock encountered in the axis, and despite lower travels of 20 mm approximately equipped with new electronic control suspension. It has even better digested jump landings in our step on a track of trials for 4 x 4.

bmw r 1200 gs adventure jumping style

bmw r 1200 gs adventure jumping style

The XT 1200 ZE also has been most evident in the very slow portions, thanks to its ergonomics, its precise guidance at very low speed, the flexibility of its twin and tiering of its gearbox which allow riding in seconds without almost touching the clutch and it’s easier to operate turning radius. And incidentally, it is likely never to banging the shins against one of the cylinders…

The Yamaha has incredible suspensions

The Yamaha has always been uncomfortable until its Metzeler Karoo3 fail to manage field become too fat because of thunderstorms. There, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, showed us other facets, starting with a heightened sportsmanship.

Its twin flat, even made less alert in the Adventure chassis, remains a monument of performance and responsiveness! It creaks at the opening of the gas as a mono Enduro, pulls on the arm, while showing very available at low revs.

If the Yamaha has a better engine roundness, the BMW contrasted less smoothly when it dose the accelerator in delicate terrain on the first quarter of the handle. And this while the connection between the acceleratorand the rear tyre is also much more lively on the GS. It would almost seek to trigger slides despite a template that is still sobering.

yamaha xt 1200 ze

yamaha xt 1200 ze

On the 4 x 4 test track, the R1200GS showed beautiful skills in climbing dotted with rolling stones, with a good job of traction and ABS Enduro that allows to block the rear in pebbles descents while maintaining the safety of ABS on the front.

As consequence, a control more serene than on the Yamaha which cannot disconnect the ABS. Well calibrated, it cannot prevent the bike down the Rocky slopes with some judder and having regard to the weight of these animals, we appreciate everything that can bring a bit of Zen.

Evaluation-Yamaha, more than ever, in interaction with the BMW

On the route of the Paris-Dunkerque we were feasted. Power hiking at one hour from Paris allowed us to discover new landscapes and test our big trails in all terrain ‘real’ condition.

Between the motorway link, small roads deserted and winding forest roads, trails, 4 x 4 trail, the BMW R1200GS Adventure will have demonstrated real strengths: equilibrium, autonomy and protection for the driver and the machine, mechanical peps. It marks the minds whenever we take orders.

yamaha vs bmw

yamaha vs bmw

It is a luxurious adventurer who awakens the senses and stimulates the conduct, but currency price strong! Sold from US$22644, it climbs to US$ 27043 with its packs of options (Comfort, Dynamic and Touring) and it will still extend credit to afford the suitcases.

The Yamaha XTZ 1200 Super Ténéré First Edition (with suitcases and sabot) arrived in 2010 to claim the Crown of the BMW with a rather aggressive price of US$20386. Lens missed the launch but it must be admitted thattoday, the ZE version is really legitimate.

With its new technology endowment, the Super T offers all known refinements at BMW for a lower price US$21758. Then, she does can be less dream, it is certainly less sensations, but it is an alternative, in 2014, entirely credible.

BMW R1200GS Adventure vs Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tener Test observations:

BMW R1200GS Adventure

yamaha vs bmw

yamaha vs bmw

2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure

2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure

Good and Positive Hence Negative
BMW R1200GS has found impressive look However it is optional
BMW found living engine performance Adverse price
BMW R1200GS originate general equilibrium Adverse disorder
R1200GS has complete equipment Contrary Dry Telelever

 Yamaha Super Ténéré XT1200ZE

yamaha super tenere xt 1200 ze

yamaha super tenere xt 1200 ze

Good and Positive Hence Negative
Ténéré XT1200ZE has good manufacturing quality However Yamaha rate at high point
Y.S Tenere XT1200ZE has an effective suspension Yamaha ABS not Enduro
Yamaha Tenere has off road abilities Improved ergonomics bubble and audience
TenereXT1200ZE engine in progress It is less player character



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