Neal T Saiki NASA engneer

The Zero Electrical Motorcycle in Historical Eye

Zero Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of electric or Electricross motorcycles. The inventor was the Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer from Scotts Valley in Santa Cruz, California  in 2006.

Neal T Saiki NASA  engneer
Neal T Saiki NASA former engneer


Zero produced a series of dirt bikes including the X and higher performance MX, street motorcycles,  beginning with S model in 2009. The first model S introduce with Agni Motor in 2010, at which time  the DS, a dual-sport model based on the S chassis became available. In 2011 another smaller street bike  with a removable battery was presented, based on the same chassis as the Zero dirt bikes.

, Zero introduced the ZF9 Power Pack with the Zero S & DS models making them the first production  electric motorcycles in 2012 that can surpass an EPA-estimated 100 miles on a single charge. In  January 2012, Zero Motorcycles got the Pike’s Research highest ranked among electric motorcycle  producers.


There are numerous viable production electric motorcycle available in markets around the world in August 2013, including theZero S, Brammo Empulse, Energica EGO, Quantya Strada, Yamaha EC-03, Electric Motorsport GPR-S, Yo Exl, Lito Sora and the Hollywood Electrics. But Zero S was the prominent by its plug-in charging option for the Zero Motorcycles S 2013, DS, X, FX, XU to allow CHAdeMO fast charging.

As Zero has leader to introduced CHAdeMO with an extra accessory in its 2013 models, Zero Motorcycles. Using this, the batteries can be charged up to 95% in an hour and Zero Motorcycles allows quick battery swap in all its 2013 models, except Zero S and DS.

Zero Motorcycles 2014 Lithium Ionen Batterie
Zero Motorcycles Lithium Ionen Batterie

 Zero SR 2014 a revolution being strange and arising many questions in biker’s mind. But this is the new era and the 4th riding generations that will be prove the Zero SR.

How does 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds sound?

How about double the torque of a Harley Iron 883?

Well, on paper all that sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

zero sr 2014 max performanc
zero max performanc

But occasionally, things don’t go as planned and things get anomaly though in the case of the Zero SR the latest hot rod electric motorcycle. Zero SR a Conical to its Acceleration this became a tale of redemption, improvements and advances to software upgrade of all things are enough to erase and reply of for all questions.

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