yamaha mt-125

The YAMAHA has just divulged bombshell new 125cc addition to its MT variety, uncertainty you want to mix speed low and high with first class conduction aptitudes.

We are going to discuss about all these things that is you have in your mind like bad boy attitude for any sport bike; Unnecessary to roughly, the Yamaha YZF-R125 has it all and uniform and supplementary more. Let’s See!!

Yamaha MT – 125 liter round segment is suddenly revitalized with sleek, modern, balanced and efficient. The little sports roadster is no shortage of assets to seduce the young and the less young beginners of a license and the B license holders. This MT 125 rakes wide and just hit.

Yamaha MT-125 picture 2014
Yamaha MT-125 picture

Yamaha as your first MT!

The Spanish police Guardia Civil in VO compel us to store us on the low side. Obviously, our leadership in the streets of Barcelona must be too dynamic to the taste of Pandora in green and white.

However, we ride only a modest 125 cm3 not exceeding 15 regulatory horses. Perhaps that, finally, the new Yamaha MT-125 already has all the character of its big sisters, the exciting MT-09 and MT – 07.

yamaha mt 125 2014 test
yamaha mt 125

More flexible and dynamic qualities

The small single cylinder 124.7 CC sounds consistent with the category at startup, although rather serious to the displacement and especially less choppy than the designated rival, the KTM 125 Duke. In hundreds of meters, it seizes easily MT-125 wanders on the boulevards as your goldfish in his jar.

Clutch and ultra-flexible selector, obvious selection, beginners should easily take in hand this novelty. In town, it does not at all feel its 138 advertised kg all full facts, what constitutes in itself an argument.

Subsequently, there were some shortcomings of equipment: no indicator report engaged then that speeds are tight and that it is possible to get lost between the third and fourth report, hazard lights to absent subscribers, screwed. tank damage cap.

yamaha mt-125
yamaha mt-125 test 2014

These small grievances are quickly erased by the dynamic qualities of the MT mini. Starting with a frankly available for this category engine. Magic electronic injection – or the know-how acquired by Yamaha Enduro – the single cylinder seems incalable!

You can ask him to go down to 50 km/h in sixth and start on a net gas. Certainly, in these circumstances, it welcomes ra more flexibility than the couple must not be pressed but all the same.

 Yamaha 125 Small bike but hundred miles utility

It starts with an assertive look. The aesthetic codes of the Master of Torque family are duly respected: purified, Lighthouse sharp, sharpened side scoops, dashboard very bright digital full, short and low, exhaust swingarm muscular, I pass and best.

Certainly, for a 125 cm3, it throws the small MT. Above all, thanks to a clever game of wrapping around its engine, Yamaha MT-125 is not “big bike with a small mill”. Yamaha Nederland’s designers have worked well. With such allure, there obviously want to approach, use its materials, animate dashboard and climb in the saddle.

Yamaha MT125
2014 Yamaha MT125

Perched at 810 mm, it Cup slightly under the load, but still a bit high for the small templates. Under 1.70 m, it is impossible to put the feet perfectly flat. It is still unfortunate when we know that the MT-125 will also seduce girls. Here lies the difficulty of drawing a motorcycle today: it must be appropriate for all and all across Europe. Not simple.

For the rest, ergonomics is still very successful. Triangle handlebar / saddle / footrest is natural, even if fairly flat handlebar generates an ounce of support for the front arm. Athletes will enjoy while the urban will be reassured to learn that both repeated in the city are not want to recover at all.

Yamaha MT 125 Easy and effective on city road

The vitality of these four-stroke remains in good average, with linear acceleration and a riser in the best vein of the category. The concept of Master of Torque is of course relative, but what is appreciated, this is the way with which the MT-125 distributes its power and torque: its engine always responds and never gives the impression to be martyred, even in rather sporty driving.

The triggering of the Torque limiter, often criticized for its brutality on the first generation of the YZF-R125 which serves as a basis for the MT, proved to be much milder. 90 km/h in sixth, the engine rotates at 6 000 tr/min approximately and seems perfectly accommodate this rhythm. Trim road is perfectly feasible. The approval is for the appointment, within the limits of the genre.

yamaha mt-125
yamaha mt-125 test 2014

The rigidity of the steel Deltabox frame participates in a holding of cap almost beyond criticism because of oversized part-cycle has no difficulty supporting to engine. The accuracy of placement is close to the rigor of a heavy-duty.

The only downside comes from the beautiful 41 mm Kayaba inverted fork: Set flexible enough – especially when faced with the donor sports – she dips slightly to the braking and no doubt helped the propensity of the MT-125 to recover when braking on the corner.

For the rest, the dynamic capabilities are real and well enough to have fun in the mountains. The front floating disc and its bracket four pistons are not in lace on the side of power, even if the lever is inconsistent on the first quarter of his race.

After a day of city and highway, sometimes not really “Billiards”, the Yamaha MT – 125 is not shown wearing and flexible suspensions have contributed. It is a good omen for daily use and we say the same 300 cm3 bike would be a sacred tool.

yamaha mt 125
yamaha mt 125 in city

 Assessments: future seems in the 125 category

The 125 market has seen better days. It must be said that the striking novelties are also flowering than in large cubes. In addition, if one dreams of a 125 cm3 fun and modern, it has little choice.

The new Yamaha MT-125 is therefore sheer, doing blow a breath of fresh air on the category. Easy to grip, more comfortable than suggested his look, it offers compelling performance and approval that appears in the shot. What challenge the KTM 125 Duke ABS, who managed to establish themselves in France at the price of US$ 5537.

The Yamaha MT-125, sold US$ 5820, that suffers from small secondary faults as a somewhat high saddle and some shortcomings of equipment. Let us hope that the future ABS version remains at a reasonable rate. It shows in any case a nice team work between different European subsidiaries of the constructor: Dutch design, Italian testing and french Assembly.

The most European of the 125 cc Yamaha should logically to carve out a share of the lion at the round of liter, but it will have to wait until the last quarter 2014 to see it land in the concessions.

Yamaha MT125 model 2014
Yamaha MT125

We presented Yamaha MT-125 test in front of you. We are hopeful to have your likeness.If you also have new things or info about the Yamaha MT-125,you may send and we assure you that we shall publish it. For your more suggestions and comments or mail us.

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