BMW R 1200 RT Roadster Review 2014

 The BMW R 1200 RT has undergone a profound transformation to its vintage 2014. Even better in all areas, the RT bluffed us throughout this week of trial. Reference the road category the BMW R 1200 RT in the city.

BMW  R1200RT 2014


BMW R1200 RT template required

When notes its side stand one immediately feels thus weight 274 kg of the German. However the driving position is very natural and commands fall under the hands. The lateral sway of the flat twin is rather contained for more general atmosphere. The size of the machine calls for attention, including the width of the suitcases, but venturing into the throes of traffic is much easier than what we could fear.

bmw r1200rt

bmw r1200rt 2014

The balance of the RT is simply stunning. Braking brings real security with a mixture between power and feeling. Once the big “klong” of the passage of the first speed past, the box turns soft and precise. Driving dynamics, Road or Rain modes allow choosing the better suspensions and motor behavior. The dynamic mode seduces us by its availability and its force without to be too violent, even in town.

BMW R1200RT On the Road

It is a level playing field that the new R 1200 RT loves. Thanks to its well-balanced, it spins one turn to another with great ease. Of course, the angle changes require a bit of attention because of the weight and the template, but its part-cycle remains exemplary. The Duolever and Paralever systems restrict transfers of mass for a constant driving pleasure. Adopt a sporting pace is not to displease him since new mechanics now cooled by water and air proves to be very efficient.

bmw r1200rt

2014 bmw r1200rt

Reminders on interim reports place the RT at the top of the category. Protection is just perfect for the secondary network. We then enjoy the growl of mechanics or music distilled by excellent speakers.

BMW  R1200RT at Highway

The highway is the field where the 1200RT displays all its qualities. If we talk about protection, adjustable bubble electrically allows adjusting the airflow desired by the driver. In high position, no turbulence just hit the helmet, and the phenomenon of boost in the back remains very measured.

Also, most of this test was conducted with bubble at maximum height. The saddle provides outstanding comfort on long distances and the autonomy of more than 300 km before switching to reserve can be considered for long journeys.

BMW R1200RT ride

BMW R1200RT ride at highway

The speed controller brings also a plus in terms of approval. Rain we have fortunately spared during this test, we could not test the protection against moisture, but the legs look very properly protected. The mode of driving Rain does us indeed not essential since Road mode is gentle enough.

The BMW-RT signed almost a flawless with regard to the reception of the passenger. The seat is soft is ideally installed for trip. The handles are easy to hold and protection is as good as for the driver. As on all machines in this category, the downside comes from the side panniers that hinder the access on board. Electronic suspensions to ensure always serene behavior regardless of the loading of the machine.

BMW R1200RT 2014


BMW R-RT Quality of Presentation

The BMW R 1200 RT is the standard of the German trade mark of finish, that is to say; exceptional. In addition to an advanced electronics, the BMW R1200RT seems to have thought in every detail for the good be its driver and his passenger. The equipment is bloated: ABS, electronic suspensions, 3 modes mapping, cruise control, audio equipment, GPS, bubble, on-board computer, handles and heated stool. The quality is at the rendezvous, but saw the tariff in US$ 24658 without option, it is a least.

BMW R1200RT review 2014

BMW R1200RT review

BMW RT Practical features

Between the radial master cylinder and the control dial of the front brake, the finish of the R 1200 RT is exemplary. The pilot immediately feels at ease aboard the German.

The right handheld vacuum has a USB jack and jack for connecting audio equipment. Like the left, it is lockable with the ignition key.

The protection afforded by the R 1200 RT is exemplary in the image of this appendix which effectively protects the feet. Suspensions led to the handlebar to offer dynamic behavior without sacrificing driving comfort.

The dashboard is ultra-complete and legible. All the elements are present and the display needle of the meter speed and account-tour adds a class touches to the whole.

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