zero sr motorcycle

The new Zero Motorcycles SR announced performance that 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds, 14.4 da N.m of torque of figures are worthy of a dragster. We tested for you the electric roadster high-end American manufacturer. It is really amazing and electrifying.

zero sr electric motorcycle
zero sr electric motorcycle 2014


The Zero Motorcycle SR testing, sifflais I under my helmet it is watts that she prefers and we must recognize that the 2014 electric Roadster version does not melancholy, with hair-raising acceleration in Sport mode.

Try a motorcycle cannot leave indifferent – on many points – and raises many questions.

Between urban course, meeting of Highway and tests in all kind, we explored what proposes this Zero Motorcycles SR, top of the range of the Californian manufacturer.



Zero Motorcycles Better but So-So

First assembly of the Zero Motorcycles was frankly poor, just like their dynamic qualities. As we could glimpse him on the fall shows, the manufacture of motorcycles of Santa Cruz has made a quantum leap forward in 2014. Although the price is “height”, recognize the progress in terms of finishing.

Some of the details evidenced, as the care taken to the fully digital dashboard, mirrors, the integration of the “tank” bag. To summarize, the Zero SR does any motorcycle discount. Still need to adhere to a design that banishes mechanics as key Visual, motor and batteries being concealed under the wrapping.

From an ergonomic point of view, we enjoyed the low height of Saddle (807 mm) of the SR Zero… much less it’s definitely too firm padding! We can understand why customers of the Parisian concession Electric Motorcycles opt all for the gel saddle.

zero sr electric 2014
zero sr electric

Zero Motorcycles has atomic accelerations

In the first man oeuvres there SR quite mask his 184 kg curb weight and then there’s a rather poor turning radius for a primarily urban machine. The absence of clutch or selector lever rout at the beginning, but hands taking remains fairly obvious. Then comes the time to accelerate…

On Eco, the boost is honest, linear, with a real feeling of torque – more than power – but engine not long before capping. This mode is definitely suitable for smart city breaks. Of pressing the Mode button, it switches to position Sport. And there, frankly changing universe.

The difference is much more radical than the failover of a thermal engine mapping: you suddenly switch distortion, as would say Captain Kirk. 0 to 100 km/h is carried out without brutality – in the absence of passage speed especially – but with a maximum of muscle. A wonder if there is a motorcycle “explosion” able to compete.

zero sr test ride 2014
zero sr test ride

This Sport mode recalls the sensations provided by a heat engine, with a clear sensation of torque then leaving a real extension. Much like on a 750 sport in the free version, the maximum speed in less. The SR Zero is indeed limited by construction to 164 km/h meter for a few minutes, to limit overheating and preserve autonomy.

Zero Motorcycles SR shows beautiful skills with Rubber tires

With such performance, I searched for the confrontation. During a motorway link, an owner of Suzuki Bandit 1250 loaned to set the times (resembling legal), and the Zero sometimes dominated the big roadster Suzuki! This crewmember was mouth gaping when we disctute on the following highway area. But with still 43% of autonomy, it was time to go play on the small roads.

There, the Zero Motorcycles SR shows beautiful skills: geometry in net progress, held impeccable Cape, nosewheel easy to place in turn and very beautiful propensity to curb on the corner without recovering. Really not bad! On the other hand, IRC Roadwinner series tires are frankly inadequate: inadequate feeling on the dry and grip on wet, it is a shame.

By wrapping quickly, one penalty a sporting attitude due to the shape of the handlebar and the implantation of the footrests. Braking, however, is a good surprise. Zero Motorcycles finally realized that working with subcontractors as Nissin has good. Power enough, biting satisfactory: only remains to install an ABS to energy recovery.

zero sr motorcycle
zero sr motorcycle test

Finally, suspensions that seem straight exits a catalog of parts for downhill biking, prove to be rigorous, but all could be further improved, the fork with including a few notches to the drought.

Zero SR Autonomy with Different use

Return on capital, with 23% of remaining service life for a little more than 100 miles to the partial trip. (Peri) urban use turns out to be very nice, apart from the aforementioned defects. There’s especially fun to drive a machine flexible and perfectly silent. Finally, demonic accelerations of mode S pass to the second plan in common usage, where smooth operation takes over.

Falling below 8% autonomy, the Zero SR exceeds over the 45 km/h in Eco mode. Below 6%, a red light will illuminate, announcing the bike has stopped a few hundred meters further. Aimee, I’ll have to push… until you find a charitable pompiste – in which “you do come not by chance” – who will accept as I plug the SR Zero a few hours to complete my essay.

2014 zero motorcycles SR
zero motorcycles SR

Autonomy (about 155 km remaining reasonable), the recharge time (8 hours for 100%), the possibility to charge at his place of work will be so all factors to take into account before purchasing a zero. Nothing to do with the use of a classic motorcycle.

Assessments : The electric alternative is running

Sold US$ 23340, the Zero Motorcycles SR may seem expensive, even if the manufacturing quality is now quite honorable. The cost of reloading estimated at US$ 3.90 may constitute an argument, as well as the lack of maintenance or mechanical wear.

Still need to take into account the very different use of the apparatus. More question to say: “would like, this afternoon, well, I’d go eat mussels-fries on the Normandy coast. After this recognition, the Zero Motorcycles SR shows that an electric motorcycle can offer very high performance, pleasant and approval control.

Suddenly, one says that a Zero Motorcycles way Honda CTX 700 – or even a definition more custom yet – would be not uninteresting. On this point, the American giant Harley-Davidson and the Québécois Lilliputian Lito Green Motion also seem to take electric gives very seriously.

zero sr action drive
2014 zero sr action drive
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