2014 KawasakiZ1000 ABS

The new Z 1000 2014 has already hit the headlines on the stock exchanges by revealing her Warrior for the least futuristic look. This time, the Kawasaki bomb is tested on the station and to say the least, is that it fulfills its contract with … Zeal.

2014 KawasakiZ1000 ABS
2014 KawasakiZ1000 ABS Review

Nothing can stop the Z! Return of the Z1000 in the range and full technical redefinition in 2003, second generation in 2007, new redesign in 2010, before this latest model just redesigned for 2014. For more than ten years, Kawasaki did everything to seduce lovers of big sports roadster with a recipe to the well-known basic ingredients but evolving: Manga, engine type look expressive and powerful, and always this versatility on a daily basis that fundamentally distinguishes it from the sporting pure juice. This is what most large number of fit without disavowal of the genes of the Z, starting with aesthetics, say very typed.

Short Transmission, Oblong fun

Kawasaki Z 1000 always have a very nice sound issued. The model 2014 is no exception to the rule, with a resonance aggravated covers the box air that sometimes the roar of the exhaust gases in accordance with plans. Continue to browse some vibrations of the sporty roadster by Akashi, either a family since 2003 but weakened trait of the first Z-1000. Today, it is no longer a notorious failure. As soon as the first hundred meters, we find the sign velvety and full of the Kawasaki Z 1000 2010, which his successor 2014 optimizes the mechanical basis. The answer is instant, full power, but devoid of cruelty. Double Butterfly injection Keihin is responsible to provide the optimum fill smoothly. In combination with a relatively short transmission, it takes no more that the Kawasaki Z 1000 strong pulls on the arm on the first three reports and delivers excellent time.

2014 kawasaki z1000
kawasaki z1000 2014

Behavior that the strong point of this four-cylinder in-line says, offers an excellent distribution of torque between 4 000 rpm and 7 000 rpm which one tells himself most of the time … However, if the heart tells you, just to get more grip to discover a extension tube anything but timid, even in this version screw castrated for 100 horses for de France. Certainly, beyond the third report, the breath, so loses his beautiful, but there is already enough to save for very beautiful sensations through short transmission, started on the previous model. Rest that 130 km/h, the Z1000 runs at 6 about 100 rpm … like an average movements as Honda CB 650 f. it’s more than what there is usually a heavy, but in the end not tiring on long trips: Z 1000 does not give the impression of an assembly line.

kawasaki z1000
2014 kawasaki z1000

Quickly a Lighthouse on the Fender

Because it has to be recognized that side look, Kawasaki has not been able to draw with the back of the spoon: rarely a counter/Lighthouse will be placed not so radical! A wonder if the next evolution,, it will not directly grafted Hugger! At least, it won’t be able to blame Kawasaki her lack of Audacity, that in design, will at the end of his ideas. Known as Sugomi, the style highlighted on the Kawasaki Z1000 wise is illustrated the intense aura generated by a person or an object … In any case, if the Kawasaki Z 1000 please or not, it has a “real hangover” that fans of the genre are also looking for.

Ergonomics may have fear the worst at first glance, and yet … The saddle, sat on 815 mm from the ground and dotted with a small logo Z on its coating, proves well-drawn and not too firm. Triangle Send/saddle/footrest is not more extreme. At the time most templates feels good on board. The thighs are hardly more spread that those at the 2010 generation, already a lot of volume compared to the camionesque generation 2007 had lost. And for the cause, the Kawasaki Z 1000 am. 2010 only 15 litres in the reservoir, while the novelty 2014 2 more adds. The shape of the handle is also very successful: not too wide, with just enough support for sports driving, nothing more to do with the steering wheel very relieved of the 2007 release.

kawasaki z1000 2014
kawasaki z1000

She likes more bumps

The other sensation that emerges from the first hectometers aboard the Kawasaki Z1000 2014 regarding suspensions. On the generation 2010-2013, these were quite flexible, almost too much to attack, poorly muffled on the bitumen’s pruned to make pumps that train back in extreme cases. On the new Kawasaki Z 1000 2014 it’s the opposite! First character, climbing aboard, the bike does not usually draw nearly dead race … On the boulders or small roads bumpy Showa suspensions have great difficulty digesting the imperfections. Of course, this night in comfort on a daily basis about the precision of piloting on the prefectural poorly clad. There is no doubt that the Versys 1000 cousin, with suspensions to large deflection, appears at the top at this point.

In return, the new inverted Showa big piston fork (as on the sports of the brand) lives undoubtedly very good precision of the Z-1000 once the coating Billiards happens. In these circumstances, we must admit that the Z-1000 model 2014 the trademark big points against all previous generations. Accuracy of placement, ground clearance, rigor in support, while maintaining a satisfactory facility thanks to its natural ergonomics, the new Z will delight the most vicious of us. Limited to bite in the wet as well as its brakes, now fitted with braces monoblocks, very powerful. We strongly suggest Vons the ABS option! Equipped with such part-cycle, there is doubt that the Z 1000 gloss on circuit, ultimately limited by her series (Dunlop D214) tires, which quickly climb in temperature without to be very rich in Exchange for information.

kawasaki z1000 test
kawasaki z1000 test 2014

Rating Z1000 2014 Guaranteed Without Filter

Behind, has also worked in depth on his new Kawasaki Z 1000 2014. More than a very oriented look and a small content specific scoreboard, dressed mirrors, air box “musical”, its highest Roadster range presents a nice quality of manufacture and a full of brio engine, enjoyed that as much attack as the daily. If the sports cockpit shows that more exciting aboard her is, might just regret that her approval on bad coating has paid the fees due to closed suspensions.

Kawasaki Z1000
Kawasaki Z1000 test

This is finally the big gripe against this bike, lined with a few trifles: no gear indicator, medium turning radius as series tires. It should also be noted that the Kawasaki Z 1000 not still in technological one-upmanship not multiple engine maps, “traction control”, controlled suspensions, which makes it definitely pay more “roots” in, but also and above all cheap flight. Proposed of US$ 16329 or US$ 17140 with the ABS, the Kawasaki Z 1000 2014 still far away from the US$ 20400 included in most of its competitors.


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