Yamaha XV950R 2014

Yamaha launches XV950 – Bolt in the America also available in a better damped R version to poach on the lands of the Iron 883. Style licked, careful manufacturing and small block House revamped:

Yamaha XV950R 2014
2014 Yamaha XV950R

The “small” Japanese custom has finally the “balls” to compete with the essential Harley-Davidson? After a trial in L.A. the examiner tells you everything. Bronzed and tattooed body, bodybuilding, running, skate-boarding, basketball and freestyle gym on the edge of sea the Venice Beach neighborhood, in Los Angeles, is a real postcard to be alive and the show is permanent. As often in California, the fun is an institution, but here, the pleasure it is to be. Installed on the small saddle of the new Yamaha XV950 cruiser, we are therefore completely in tone. Helmet jet, sunglasses and light leather: on the West Coast, the biker made fly look. Just like the style a tad bad boy of our Mount of the day.

The Japanese entry indeed catches the eye by its lines clean, very inspired by the Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster it intends to compete with. Small round headlight, short handle, tank peanut and minimalist saddle set at the tsunami of daisies: Yamaha is just and succumbs to inescapable trend vintage. Chromium is banned: engine, frame, exhaust, wheels and fenders expose a dark tint conferring a rebel look. In short, the Yamaha XV950 is the “dark” side and to make it even more sexy, Yamaha it has equipped with a nice rear lamp led, disk petals, of a simple digital meter placed at the center of the handlebar. And like all XV, the Bolt has also a remarkable finish.

yamaha xv950 2014
yamaha xv950

Yamaha XV950 Like Potato sauce wasabi

A flick on the starter button, the 942 CC V-twin shakes in a slightly serious tone. We love! Although the tone is different from the “potato” characteristic of the American stars, she demonstrated a certain character. Attention all the same: U.S. standards are different from ours, the European versions of the Yamaha XV950 and 950R should be less generous in decibels. Whatever it is, french music lovers will be able to improve the sound of their Japanese custom by opting for this Akrapovic line Yamaha catalogue.

Installed in a very accessible – since peaking at only 690 saddle mm-, the driver enjoys a good ergonomics of commands arranged part and other small curved handlebars, favouring a grip of the fastest. Bust right, a tad outstretched arms there is finally that the placement of the somewhat high foot and a bit too backwards that we deplore. However, to provide a guard acceptable ground to the nippon Sportster, the compromise is perfectly acceptable. Due to the long air box, is a little embarrassed right side and left knee just flirting with the slightly offset rear cylinder. But a protection Strip avoids fortunately burns. Happiness!!!

yamaha XV950
yamaha XV950review

Yamaha XV950 lasted in standard version

We appreciate the braking of the Yamaha XV950. The bite of the disks front and rear is master of the fingertips, just power is there. For a total serenity, ABS option available on the basic version and the ABS will be offered standard on the XV950R. Unfortunately we could try it, Americans are not as lovers as we are to this kind of assistance.

Of the city of angels to the surrounding mountains, the Bolt unveiled us some sporting potential. Of course, on this ground, a roadster will remain always more incisive. Nevertheless, the Japanese bobber demonstrated precision, is disunity on the corner and offers a good handling. On the standard version, the comfort is all relative, as American roads are far from being smooth and homogeneous. Equipped with shock absorbers to cylinder much more progressive, the R version of the new Bolt proved indispensable on this rolling.

Yamaha XV950
test Yamaha XV950

Yamaha XV950 a twin far from lackluster

Pleasant surprise: there is life in this engine! Rigid mounted in a frame double cradle, its some vibrations are as much felt at the level of the hands, feet as the crotch strap. Crippling? Not at all! Never engourdissantes or annoying to use, they reinforce the charisma of the small Japanese custom, at the time very far from anemic or sanitized. The sensation at the opening of the gas shows also all the work of Yamaha in this same direction.

Past the light transmission smoothly, we perceive present good torque at low revs, especially on the first three reports. The riser is certainly not exceptional (in the category average) but the over revving is not stingy with feelings. What tearing at the green light with panache, but also have substantial times on road.

The XV950 is perfect for the daily, manageable and agile. The passage of its five reports is facilitated by the presence of a soft clutch control, which compensates for a both or just the box hard but certainly missing running on our test model.

yamaha xv950 test
yamaha xv950 test

Observation Report= finally for real arguments against the Sportster

It has the style of an American, it almost has the mechanical flavor of an American, but this is not an American! And it is finally so better might say today, since thus provided, the Yamaha XV950R Bolt offers an interesting alternative to Harley-Davidson 883 Iron, as long as you keep an open mind and that it is not tattooed Bar & shield.

In his niche, in any case, she moves in our opinion more arguments than the Moto Guzzi V7 and other Triumph Bonneville, for example. Expect to know its final tariff to predict him a great commercial success.

Yamaha XV950R
Yamaha XV950R 2014

Whatever it is, no need to go to Roland Sands which is already working on it to be convinced: the Yamaha XV950 will certainly, as the 650XS in its time, a good basis for preparation. Strongly the comparison on the Stecheune, stay tunned!

 I hope you got some thing new from this test of Yamaha XV950 R know as bolt. Let us to know your views about regarding this test info.

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