MotoGP Laverty Valencia

This is the thorn in the balance sheet of the Grand Prix of Netherlands twists. Or exception that confirmed the rule. But in all cases, the course of the anonymous Broc Parkes on the route of the race at Assen on Saturday, on the transparent PBM motorcycle that is more fire than the CRT Open calls.brocparkes original motogp

Previously subscribed to the bottom of the ranking, the couple ended up eleventh at the finish line ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and second category behind Aleix Espargaro. At one point, the duo has even pointed sixth. How has he been possible?

Well starting on slicks, the same that had chosen a Valentino Rossi relented when the formation lap. A stroke of genius on the part of the Australian who has made a reputation Supersport? I do not. A strange combination of circumstances that saw him get on the ground before joining the starting grid: “During the formation lap, Yonny Hernandez has deviated and pilots suddenly braked. One of them touched my handlebars and I fell. “The pilot therefore had only to reach quickly the box to take his second bike, equipped for dry track, and make with whole ordeal.

Pointed sixth with a best time in the raceMotoGP Laverty Valencia

The first few laps were a nightmare, and when the track began to dry, Broc Parkes was released, with the advantage of already being in rhythm: “The other drivers have needed a few laps to familiar, not me. I was with the drivers of high ranking and I even got to spend a few. I saw that they were annoyed me and some did understand with maneuvers to get out. It was fun to fight with them even if they had a right line any other rate. It was good to overcome them. It was not so bad and we showed our progress! I’m on a cloud; this is my best result in MotoGP. ”

These five points acquired high control is added to the harvested unit in Qatar. Now the question: would have given a Valentino Rossi patient under the checkered flag?

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