Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Review 2014

The MT-09 Street Rally may intends to unleash the passions of lovers of exclusive gear, so thanks to a few accessories above all destined to him offer a singular than sporting look. Certainly shifted, it benefits mainly from the MT-09 standard engine/part-cycle all to flank the banana with great blows of detonating sensations!

Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Test 2014

Yamaha-MT-09 Street Rally Static 2014

MT-09 has Classic Strong Multiple Qualities

It announces the color alone with its name. Street Rally “Street rally”, a bubble of time between two avenues or weapon from zoom to green light? Not really. Not that it is not capable, but it more flourish outside the cities. MT’s field of choice? The secondary road network preferably well stocked in turns. Because beyond a little pompous name hides neither more nor less than a MT-09 classic, strong multiple qualities and not least: clear and homogeneous amazing health, part-cycle engine, high performance braking.

Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Test 2014

yamaha mt-09 street-rally master torque

The Street Rally is nothing more than a version reworked aesthetic of the MT-09 side as we know it. It is thus a range to trend sport, modern and young, kind Cap-short-sneakers. In fact, on view in the first place an amazing dressing from end to end of the wide handlebars, positioned above the optical, consisting of a plate type “Delta wing” in central part and two-hand guards, all in white with red piping. The Visual effect of this set shows certainly original but barely convince fully. Always on the front side, found a small element reminiscent of a spoiler for his part below the lighthouse.

The Street Rally adorns itself also with scoops of entries of air, demi-carnages

lower minimalist engine, as well as side plates back. In addition to these accessories only turned to the pure plastic novelty sports footrests type enduro as well as a flat saddle. It is this last that mark from the outset a clear difference with regard to the standard version. The seat shows much more high (+ 35 mm, nothing that much, peaking at 850 mm!) and especially more uncomfortable. The Street Rally offers there false supermotard air with a position leaving several possibilities of Assisi and a weight more forward-oriented inclination.

Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Test 2014

Yamaha MT – 09 Street Rally Street Rally the player temperament of the MT-09

Suddenly, you feel less comfortable than on the base, MT-09 with the little pleasant sensation to be posted on the bike in the absence of feel “encrusted.” This modification of position also affects the general behavior when it comes to exploit the impressive resources of the 850 CC three-cylinder engine: with a center of gravity inevitably enhanced the Street Rally somewhat lacks precision and can be messy when the coating deteriorates. Not what not spoil the fun to his handlebars as his mechanical takes precedence over the rest?

MT-09 Afford a Class Engine Performance

What engine! Flexible and particularly right from low revs it en remontrerait happy to larger displacements under the 4 000 rpm, he rages that he takes turns, rewarding its wings over a soundtrack worthy of the best rock concerts. Flat to these deserved praise, the nervousness of the injection to the go-around. Too dry when choosing A mode the Street Rally is equipped with three engine modes, influencing the response to the Ride by Wire type handle), the most aggressive, yet troublesome to standard mode, it will opt willingly for B, more soft.

Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Test 2014

MT-09 Street Rally

As for the rest – and apart from depreciation to be ensuring well lock side hydraulic (closed relaxation up to buffer, under penalty of too free motion)-, the partition is more playful. Fun, Street Rally is without doubt. Lightness (193.7 kg measured with the full), associated with the ardor of its engine and its geometry of modern roadster, opened the doors of the craziest stunts… As his braking will be able to bring to the boldest reason! Thus remains to ask the question of tariff: sold €600 more than its standard Benard, it will have to rely only on her quirky look. For this price, it would have appreciated benefit of suspension elements more upscale for example.

Conclusion on MT-09:

The Street Rally is aimed at those who want to get noticed, without renouncing a good dose of sensations and fun. Original desire leaves Shocking, this roadster can count on the cocktail that made the success of the MT-09: a motor exhilarating in a part-cycle player. Rest an addition a hair salt in light of the proposed equipment, as well as a slightly more delicate general behavior driving muscular compared with the MT known.

Here are some beautiful images and spec pictures of Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally in gallery bellow, just take a look.

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