Honda CBR 650 F

On the basis of CB 650 F, Honda intends to expand the range of its public roadster and we now offer this 650 F CBR. But with its widely lace fairing and its position toggled on the front, what use is now? Is this really a plus in the end? Tested it.

2014 honda cbr650f pics
2014 honda cbr650f

After a CBR600F drawn up on the basis of the Hornet in 2011, Honda persevered on the segment of the soft sports with this new CBR F 650, 2014, derived from the popular CB 650 F. Do you follow?

It is clear that this type of motorcycle runs more catalogs: sports is are radicalised in recent decades to become terribly efficient circuit, but less comfortable on road and on a daily basis. Just spend two days in the company of a very sleek Panigale Ducati 1199 to understand: roll looks like a legal on roads (worse, poorly clad…) is additional part of the pure modern sporting skills.

Honda CBR 650 F Controls are Sweet

It is the opposite with the Honda CBR 650 F. Certainly, by more than 30 °, the exhaust emits quite a lot of heat around the right boot. But in interfile on the Paris ring road at the moment, it does not suffer wrist thanks to sufficiently identified handlebars. The controls are sweet; the engine also flexible as progressive in its rise offers leisure ride on a net of gas. And for a u-turn in a two-way street, very honest turning radius will save you many maneuvers.

Even devoted instead to the passenger is not so spartan that it looks. All these aspects practices and other good points concerning the general approval thus demonstrate a clear relationship between the CBR650F and the CB650F. Beginner (e) s can safely turn to this sporty watered down for their first weapons in the category. But it does not address provided permits motorcycle A2, Honda has not seen fit to create a specific version. It must be said that the first world manufacturer did not in simplicity locking models, but chose to design with a separate mine type motorcycles.

Honda CBR 650 F
Honda CBR 650 F 2014

Honda CBR 650 F Really Versatile

At 130 km/h in sixth, Honda CBR 650 F turns to 6 000 rpm. not what overheat this motor including the red zone begins 4 000 rpm higher. Peace could prevail on board if small parasitic vibrations were messing up the table. Moreover, protection proves quite limited, that one had guessed by observing the height of the bubble at the stop. Nevertheless, to ride at a legal speed on Highway is not a nightmare to the handlebar of the CBR650F. It’s still very livable, and it is possible to crossing France from North to South without fear.

At the dynamic level, we savor the excellent handling of cap while the Honda ranks with great precision in large curves. It is also a point strong given his relatively humble origins: Honda has not sacrificed the road qualities on the altar of economies.

2014 Honda CBR650F
test 2014 Honda CBR650F

Road holding, powerful braking with ABS series: difficult to issue a real criticism at this price except maybe to the pneumatic monte of origin. The Dunlop D222 disguised as Roads mart 2 back that little information to the driver. Not always very engaging in sport mode…

Despite this, dynamic and sporting the Honda CBR 650 F qualities emerge immediately to the attack of the twisty portions. The rigidity of the steel with aluminium swingarm frame ensures a beautiful rigour in curve, including through rigorous surprisingly suspensions in this price range.

2014 Honda CBR650F
test 2014 Honda CBR650F

In fact, the pace can happily increase. Led to the whip, the engine reveals a typical extension of inline 4-cylinder. From 7 000 rpm, occasions and accelerations are already demos for an average displacement. Therefore your license points capital is in danger without scrupulously monitor the meter, whereas box reports follow each other without any hitch.

Rest that this engine, by design, does not offer the ardour at high revs an authentic supersport block. With 87 horses at 11 000 rpm, it is obviously indented of the CBR600RR or Hornet 600 engine. By design (and not clamping), Honda CBR 650 F Engine sits significantly its acceleration past 9 500 rpm. Extend the exercise until the red zone brings nothing more (if it doesn’t negotiate a turn while accelerating on the same report), so that in sports use it will favor the 7 000 rpm at 9 500 rpm its most efficient RPM range.

2014 Honda CBR650F
test 2014 Honda CBR650F

This block could therefore earn the qualification of perfect companion if he had not a tad hollow in low revs. Under 4 000 rpm, the times on the last three reports remain timid, certainly less than on a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer, but more than on a Yamaha MT-07 for example, its natural competitor.

2014 Honda CBR650F
test 2014 Honda CBR650F

Test Conclusion : Honda CBR 650 F Almost a Sport-GT

Nearly 10 years ago, the 600 supersport still allowed descending to the Bol d’Or in le Castellet without too much hurt their driver while ensuring a high level of performance at the circuit days. Today, they cannot respond to the second use. As most manufacturers today, Honda distributes roles in its range, thus offering a CBR 600 RR increasingly sharpened to the pistards, and therefore dedicating this new CBR650F to the “fast” truck drivers, more accessible on all levels: management, consumption, maintenance and sale price. As we were able to check it out during this test, the Honda CBR 650 F offers real versatility, at the limit of the GT sport. In addition, if Honda had to limit costs, it does not feels on quality of workmanship or the dynamic performance of its novelty.

Honda CBR650F
2014 Honda CBR650F

Sold US$10325 ($10595 tricolor version) with ABS series, Honda CBR 650 F is positioned in rival to the Kawasaki ER – 6F ABS (US$ 9520), the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F ABS (US$10730) or the Suzuki GSX 650 F ABS (US$ 9921). Competitors barely more affordable but succeeding probably less well the synthesis between daily and sports use on road.

I hope you enjoyed to know about the Honda CBR 650 F test. Let us to know your views regarding this review.

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