Franco y Elvira at Ducati Scrambler in 1962

After many rumors and advances Ducati confirmó last June, the launch of the new Ducati Scrambler coinciding with the 2014 Intermot Cologne Show (1-5 October). Now reveals new details through an original and funny video with characters molded in clay.ducati scambler ducati

It was in 1962 when it produced the first Ducati Scrambler, specially designed to meet the needs of the American market. An unquestionably original bike, which was publicized with striking color images, very new at the time. At the time Ducati was the idea of ​​using some of its employees for the advertising campaign of the bike in what turned out to be a bonitahistoria known as ‘Franco and Elvira’ (he, Tester and her administrative).Franco y Elvira at Ducati Scrambler in 1962

Now ‘Franco and Elvira “return to star in an animated clay figures that has been divided into three chapters history. Through these images Ducati unveils new details of its new Scrambler.The history of Franco and Elvira

History: Franco, a man from 2078, is sent through time to the Woodstock festival in August 1969, where he meets and falls equally on the Ducati Scrambler and Elvira. Together, they enjoy the beautiful bike until a magical kiss transports them to this day, the 2014 Franco and Elvira placed just before the well-known yellow container -. Visited first by the factory employees and enthusiasts who attended the WDW2014.

The official launch will be on September 30 at the Inter-mot Show commercialization and ready for early 2015.

About the new Ducati Scrambler

This model retro cut pick up the baton of the new demand for classic bikes court rightly interpreted brands like Triumph (with Bonneville, Scrambler or Thruxton) or Moto Guzzi (with V7 range) to put a couple of examples. The model, which do not yet know the engine use or design, use a wide handlebars, a modest engine and certain properties off-road for probably set a new access in the Ducati range.Ducati Scrambler 2015

Ducati is caring lovingly for this release and this has enabled a solo web’s bike and the hashtag # scramblerducati social networks. Have you filtered before his arrival? Ducati is quite likely and more knowing that his factory employees allegedly already seen her. Surely the ‘hipsters’ will love.

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