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Dramatic, bold, totally delusional. Or too typical, misguided, see surreal? Many of you have decided on the well design NM4 Vultus (face in Latin) review! But what is this cruiser non-standard proof of the road? Honda, which has accustomed us to transgress the divisions has he given her a song at the height of its plumage? That the mouth of the Vultus? New Honda NM4 Vultus 750 2015

Straight out of a science fiction movie, the NM4 Vultus is inspired by the world of manga in which have always bathed her young Japanese designers. Bold, breathtaking, radical, this exercise in style of avant-garde also wants a cruiser dynamic, welcoming and practical to drive every day. An exception that violates traditional divisions and will awaken the superhero in your machine.

Here a Video of Honda NM4 Vultus images.

Honda NM4 Vultus 2015 by dm_527a117452fb8


Fascinating. Hypnotic. With its futuristic hyper bow, its sickle-hewn lines and light-emitting diode, the Vultus fully justifies its name which means “face” in Latin.

And despite his armor worthy of a stealth aircraft, no hope go “incognito” passersby and drivers will have eyes only for vultus 750 nm4


Tip innovative and comfortable: solo, the passenger seat is raised through the ignition switch and turns into backsplash for the pilot, adjustable to three angles.

Practical detail and welcome: behind the wide protective fairing conceal two storage spaces. On the left, a compartment with a capacity of one liter locked and equipped with a 12 V; right, a glove box three liter push button, perfect for hosting a raincoat or a small vultus 750 nm4


745 cm3 pleasure and sensations for twin line and proven reliable. 40.3 kilowatts of progressive and accessible to more power, torque of 68 Nm at 4750 r / min: while remaining docile and available, the engine will surprise you with its strong acceleration and low power consumption.

I hope you enjoyed to know about the 2015 new Honda NM4 Vultus overview. Let me know about your views regarding this info.

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