Yamaha XS 650 Standard Motorcycle 1968

The Yamaha XS650 is a motorcycle made by Yamaha Motor Company average size. The standard model was introduced in 1968 and produced by 1979 the model of ‘special’ cruiser was introduced in 1978 and produced by 1985 the XS650 began with the Hosk SOHC 500 double 1955.Yamaha XS 650 Standard Motorcycle 1968

After about 10 year’s of production of 500 beds, engineers have designed a double Hosk 650 cc. Later, the company was acquired by Hosk Showa Corporation, and in 1960 Yamaha had bought Showa with a 650 cc dual Hosk early design. When the Yamaha XS 650 was launched in 1968, it was one of the most advanced engines in its class of large parallel twin cylinders.

The engine and the gearbox are the construction of unity with the horizontally divided housing for ease of Assembly whereas almost all contemporaries in its class in 1968 are either the construction of unity with a vertically split crankcase or construction pre-unites with the engine and the separate gearbox.Yamaha XS 650 Standard Motorcycle 1968

The XS650 engine was used in the AMA Dirt Track Racing professional national champion Kenny Roberts. In 1968, only the Laverda 750, launched this year, with the modernity of the XS of unit construction 650 and SOHC valve operation. It feels like the Yamaha XS650 has always been there, and it isn’t far from the truth: he was offered in various forms from 1968 until 1985, but air cooling, twin-engine parallel a yet more history, it was based on a German 500cc Horex copied by the now defunct motorcycles Hosk.

The XS is designed as an alternative to the classic British twins, and the original XS ‘Standard’ was drawn in the vein of contemporaries such as the Triumph Bonneville T120. A persuasion more relaxed runners could choose the ‘special’ style Cruiser, which had a drop of water and high, tank arrow bars. The XS was popular among runners, with Kenny Roberts driving to victory in the AMA National 1973 dirt road series. It has since become even more popular in the custom arena, due to its engine familiar and natural looks good probably. Here, we chose an other of our favorites customs.

Yamaha XS650 bobber, highlighting pictures  versatility and potential.Yamaha XS 650 Standard Motorcycle 1968 Yamaha XS 650 Standard Motorcycle 1968

Lets me to know your views about this versatile Yamaha XS 650.

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