The return of the Africa Twin: We had already discussed the issue last August, but could not give any insight into what should be the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 Since then, things moved quickly and a new Versys 1000 has been flushed out when running in.2015 honda CRF1000 Africa TWIN

Already mentioned, the return of the Honda Africa Twin is accurate. Whether Cologne Milan late September or early November, fall fairs should end the suspense. The descendant of the daughter of the desert should gain in horsepower and bear the name of CRF 1000, which would bring the all terrain models of the brand.

Moreover, with the arrival of a VFR 800 X Crossrunner redesigned for 2015, which is more positioned as a road trail, Honda can safely provide a more focused adventure / off-road trail in addition. Likely future Honda CRF 1000 Rally therefore endorse this role and be on his way, for example, the BMW F 800 GS Adventure.

For the engine, there is a good chance that V-twin is retained to ensure a logical extension of the tradition of the Africa Twin. Honda certainly had to work on the weight or the ergonomics of the bike to allow a standing pilot.

The drawing, published by our colleagues Motorrad there a few months, gave an idea of what this future might look CRF 1000 Rally. The question is whether they were right.

Source : news moto mag

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