Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

Ambitious loudmouth, the first BMW maxi scooter sports means directly to overshadow the Yamaha Tmax, the darling of commuters hurry. As he really means bikesdoctor.Com went to check it for you … First test!

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

BMW C 600 Sport: big ambitions!

Since that time expected, finally this BMW C 600 Sport scooter, which is advertised as the ‘lover’ of Tmax German version here it is! And this back into the world of urban mobility – after the adventure mid-tone of the C1 – is an event especially important for BMW…

The Munich constructor had seen big inviting in Spain not less than 30 French journalists instead of the usual dozen. That is to say hopes that put the Germans in this new range which includes two unreleased models: BMW C 600 Sport tested here, and its longer road, BMW C 650 GT, which the test will be to discover very quickly.

The German manufacturer market intends to transpose the values that make its success on a motorcycle in the world of the maxiscooter. This BMW C600 Sport is so powerful, safe and versatile, taking the aesthetic codes of BMW.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

With lines as successful hard sell, the BMW C600 Sport openly attacks the reference sports maxi scooters.

To tease – even dethrone – the best-selling Japanese, German scooter has the means to achieve its ambitions. To start the engine the BMW C 600 Sport is based on a two-cylinder 647 cc 60 hp connected to a final chain drive mounted in a sealed housing for cutting cruppers the Yamaha ‘small’ which accuses 117 cc and 13 5 hp less.

This posed, the Tmax is lighter than 30 kilos: 217 kg all full facts (221 kg with optional ABS), against 249 kg for C 600 Sport with series of ABS.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

BMW had already surprised everyone on a niche where it expected little by unveiling its S1000RR hyper sportive. And the Germans may intend to republish this performance with these two maxi scooter!

With a marketing planned mid-April start, the Bavarian manufacturer does not slay the Tmax as early as this year: BMW France aims to sell 1400 copies of his maxi scooter sports in this year.

The BMW network will be particularly involved, including through extensive customer testing campaigns. Remains to be seen how this new product by BMW customer on the one hand and the scooter on the other customer will be welcomed…

Innovative, ingenious and practice

It is clear by returning to the niche for urban mobility, BMW undertook to make possible the daily to its users.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

We discover some particularly clever innovations on the BMW C 600 Sport, as the parking brake paired with the side stand as soon as you deploy it, the device locks the rear wheel via a dedicated caliper on the disc brake. In contrast, with this safety, it is mandatory to saddle up or draw the scooter on its center to heat his twin off.

Also found in the deck of the BMW C 600 Sport two large pockets, with automatic locking when the steering is locked to the left a clever trick to this space where it is possible to charge a phone or a GPS plug into an outlet 12V.

But convenience, real big novelty of this scooter, it is his trunk to Flex box modular space. This world exclusive patented by BMW to almost double the capacity of the cargo when the scooter is stopped, simply by lowering a rigid component maintained by a strong waterproof bellows reinforced with Kevlar. Hoping that said bellows resist a stroke of cutter malicious!

Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax? Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax? Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax? Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

The reached between the seat and the rear wheel 15-inch space then allows the presence of two full-face helmets medium. And to avoid the hassle heads in the air, BMW has provided security to prevent the scooter from starting if the component has not been returned.

While riding, therefore settle for a more modest hold nonetheless accommodating a helmet. Just simply awesome, this Flex box allows keeping a rear shell fine and aggressive while providing a worthy of a GT scooter storage capacity at the stop. It is to wonder why no constructor is had thought before…

Compared to Tmax, the BMW C 600 Sport offers a much more complete sound system dashboard provides extensive information through its on board computer mounted in series, but it is not very readable in bright sunlight.

In addition to the clock, fuel gauge and tachometer in bar graph, instrumentation provides also information on the speed – the scale stops at 180 km/h – and the average consumption, outside temperature and remaining autonomy.

By opting for the High-line pack € 895 – which were equipped with all our scooters test-, may have also the DRC tire pressure indicator. This pack also includes handles and hot stools, and led turn signals and daytime running lights also led.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

The windshield of the BMW C 600 Sport is manually adjustable to three different heights. Handling, easy even with gloves, moves a pretty basic protection (for a sporty look, or to have a little air in the summer) at very reasonable even for the greatest comfort.

Regarding the center stand, BMW had accustomed us to softness and ease the BMW C 600 is rather reluctant to stand up on its stand before suddenly slipping back … Nothing serious so far, it’s just a phone ‘walk’ to take. The passenger must also be satisfied with retractable footrest, similar to a motorcycle.

The easy city

The floor high enough and wide – because of the central twin – forced to ride the BMW C 600 Sport as is done with a motorcycle. The saddle is located 810 mm 10 mm higher than the Tmax, but it deviates less legs.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

In the end, a 1 m 80 key driver feet roughly flat on each side. The driving position is decidedly sporty, pretty close to that of the Yamaha scooter, and the low handlebar requires slightly lean the upper body forward.

BMW C 600 Sport of its stand is fairly easy despite his 249 kg in running order, with a center of gravity positioned low. A flick on the starter and the BMW C600 Sport shakes in a typical sound of twin online.

Closing their eyes, they take even for an ER – 6n! It is far from the sound angry and pronounced the Tmax… Ergonomics is good; fingers grip adjustable brake levers effortlessly and naturally find commands flashers or horn, as well as the lighthouse on the left stalk call button.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

In town, the BMW C 600 Sport is quite surprising: its high weight very quickly forgotten while its ultra-short turning radius facilitates meetings of ‘squeeze’ between the cars. The exercise is made even easier than the train before, very neutral, is as light as accurate.

Even at very low speed, excellent stability to not set foot ashore at the last moment, if we really need to stop. Barely wider than the Tmax (15 mm), the German maxi scooter plays traffic and its solidarity mirrors of the windscreen pass over the majority of the retro cars.

The first engine sensations are not upsetting. At the stop, if vibrations are perfectly filtered by the two pendulums of balancing, starting to fire are rather shy because of certain engine inertia.

The clutch slips a moment before propel the beast with gusto, but impress much despite the flirtatious power of 60 c. BMW towing fort but in a linear manner, without ever surprise sound driver.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

Attention however: the generous couple of twin (6.6 mkg at 6 000 rpm) has soon come to grips with the excellent traction from the rear, if the surface is slippery and that there is generous on the gas! BMW C600 Sport will perfectly accommodate urban use, without be also ‘Romanesque’ than the Tmax at stoplight.

We can testify that the 170 km / h are achieved quickly. At this speed, the protection offered by the platform and the windshield – even adjusted to the middle position – is a real proper ‘GT’, the BMW C600 Sport!

In the snaky, the train before proves to be blameless: his pitchfork reversed by 40 mm – the first one for a maxi scooter – cashes stopping on the angle and swallows the changeability of bitumen without turning a hair.

Safe and more agile, sporty BMW maxi scooter is undoubtedly a less incisive than the Tmax curves suspicion, but it could take revenge with his royal stability and excellent agreement suspensions. Braking is powerful and enduring unison, it offers a good addition to feeling levers. And unlike Yam ‘, ABS – not combined – is standard!

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

Effective if not fun

Despite a serious advantage of engine capacity, power and torque, the BMW C 600 Sport leads less to the Fowler as the Yamaha Tmax: his 60 horses evoke more vigorous per heron rather than wild stallions… The effectiveness is still to go, despite almost timid reminders out of tight curves where the scooter reminds its almost 250 kilos!

But all that remains of the order of the felt and only a real confrontation against the Tmax will allow us to confirm or refute these first impressions. Returning at a reasonable pace, it enjoys a scooter closed in favor of rigor, without that it tainted too much comfort.

The overall ease makes driving more relaxed and the 16 liter tank should allow flirting with 300 km of autonomy according to BMW.

 Test BMW C600 Sport: finally an opponent to the height of the Tmax?

This radius of action – to check very soon! – Allows considering beautiful and long walks, alone or as a couple. The fate of the passenger seems very correct with a saddle wide and generous handles.

Verdict: strongly clash of the Titans!

This BMW C 600 Sport is therefore very well born, even if it leaves us somewhat on our hunger on the motor side. Strictly identical to the C 650 GT, the twin of the Sport could have ‘riffraff’ through mapping of injection, a dimmer and a more aggressive clutch.

So far, its homogeneity, its full equipment and its ‘Premium’ tricks make him the most serious opponent Tmax has ever had to face. Especially that their tariffs are very close: C 600 Sport appears to only 101 euros more than its Japanese competitor with the option the ABS (€11 100 compared with €10 999 for the Yamaha’)…


  •      Type: Liquid-cooled four-stroke water-cooled, DOHC, bucket tappets
  •      Capacity: 647 cc
  •      Bore and stroke: 79 * 66
  •      Power supply: Electronic injection BMS-E
  •      Compression ratio: 11.6: 1
  •      Engine torque: 66 Nm at 6000 r / min
  •      Power: 60 hp at 7500 rev / min


  •      Length: 2155 mm
  •      Width: 877 mm with mirrors
  •      Seat Height: 810 mm
  •      Hunting: 92 mm
  •      Wheelbase: 1591 mm
  •      Weight: 249 kg in running order
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 16 liters
  •      Front tire: 120/70 R15
  •      Rear Tire: 160/60 R15
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