BMW R nineT Japan Project

Since its arrival on the market earlier this year, the BMW R NINE T brought joy to its owners, but not only. We have seen repeatedly, preparers also will get their money. This is also the case of the four Japanese projects.BMW R nineT Japan Project
30 and 31 August deniers was held at Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park, the biggest event BMW Motorrad Japan. On this occasion, the Japanese preparers could unveil their projects by taking as a basis the latest neo-retro of the firm at the propeller, R NINE T.

So they were four processors Go Taka ,mine, Brat style, Kaichiroh Kurosu, Cherry Society, Shiro Nakajima (46 Works) and Hideya Togashi (HIDE motorcycle) to have taken up the challenge of transforming a crazy BMW R NINET within 200 days. This results what you have before you, in video and image gallery available for you in below. You will determine the “Cyclone” the “Highway Fighter”,the “Clubman Racer” and “Boxer”.

Ola Stenegard, chief designer of the R NINE T was the least impressed with the work of these artists: “I am absolutely shocked I had high expectations – after all, these are four of the best customizers in the world! And at the end I had the legs and gasp what they have managed to create here is just incredible Interestingly, each of these bikes also reflects his creative ideas and innovations. Simply amazing and beautiful details – incredible as it has so many reasons why I like their creations culture customization in Japan can be summarized as follows. Whether you need a valve cap then make one.

This attitude is as rooted in the culture of Japanese craftsmanship and it’s something I love. This is something really inspiring for us at BMW Motorrad. As R NINE T for each owner. “

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