BMW R1200R 2015 is confirmed

The BMW R1200R is a comeback for 2015 and we would not be surprised to see a radical change in design like the Roadster Concept Revolution introduced this spring! BMW R1200R 2015 is confirmed
This at least is attested a document in the CARB (California Air Resources Board), required to register a motorcycle on American territory pass. It reveals (not surprisingly!) That the new R1200R will be powered by the flat-twin liquid-cooled (125cv to 7’750tr / min and 125nm to 6’500tr / min) as the data are identical to the approval documentation the R1200GS and RT. Also, we learn that the R1200R will be at least 10kg lighter than the GS.
The document also reveals a telescopic fork instead of Telever true to BMW and big Brembo brakes with radially mounted.
As for the design, it may well be that the new R1200 R adopts the features of Concept Roadster Revolution. BMW would not amuse themselves to present a concept bike that led to amuse the gallery. In fact, looking more closely,do not you find it disturbing similarities with some KTM Super Duke R (the engine out)I need regular.

Furthermore the new 2015 BMW R1200R prototype in your test. Although half of the bottom of the bike has been hidden behind gates, is fairly easy to detect a larger radiator, alluding to a new engine for 2015 Boxer liquid-cooled BMW R1200R. The present generation of BMW R1200R comes with much less between the two cylinders mounted radiator. A higher placed radiator takes over the space used by the Telelever suspension strut as is the case with the present variant by the way BMW R1200R for an upside down telescopic suspension.

BMW R1200R 2015 is confirmed

Other visible changes include a lighthouse shaped slightly oval in comparison with the conventional configuration round in the current BMW R1200R. Near the radiator and rear panels are new. The rear sub frame has undergone a change with the pies-clavijas of the rear seat positioned slightly ahead. Stands for suitcases and a top box have been added to the 2015 BMW R1200R and could come as a standard accessory. Instrumentation console is also more compact and flat in comparison with the present R1200R cylindrical pods.

The rear fender is mounted more long with blinders that today are much higher than with the tail light. The seat is now a design of fracture with the co-jinete seat horizontal flat and should give convenience in comparison with singular seat tilted forward in the present BMW R1200R.

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