Harley Captain America on Easy Rider

Famous helicopter Captain America by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider emerges on sale for more than $1 million.

Harley Captain America on Easy Rider
Harley Captain America on Easy Rider for Auction

If there is a famous Harley-Davidson in the film that is the ‘Captain America’ that Peter Fonda wore in the iconic ‘Easy Rider’. A Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide Custom chopper guy with the colors of the American flag in the tank. Only two units of the model were used for the filming of the movie and now the only remaining healthy the other was stolen shortly auction is fully restored 17th October.

Harley Captain America on Easy Rider
Harley Captain America

Interestingly this was the unit that was used for the rough end of the film which will not reveal for which has not seen it yet, although it is in perfect magazine with relevant update. Profiles in History auction house is responsible and expected to raise between 1 and 1.2 million. Not bad for a bike that is completely unique, because it is exposed in the Harley-Davidson Museum is a replica.

  1. The classic stars and stripes Harley-Davidson is toauction next month
  2. It is the only remaining of the four facts to shoot film of 1969
  3. It was used to film the final iconic scene where Fondais thrown from the bike
  4. Sold by a business man from California who was theowner of a restaurant of Fonda
  5. Captain America chopper custom Peter Fonda rode in 1969 classic ‘Easy Rider’ became a symbol of the counterculture of the 1960’s movement, and horse which has been described as ‘ go out with Marilyn Monroe.
  6. Now, iconic stars and stripes HarleyDavidson goes to auction, and is expected to reach  between  $ 1million -$ 1.2 million,  due to that is the only  remainder of thefilming, and was used in the famous climactic scene, inwhich Fonda is thrown from the bike.
  7. The seller is Michael Eisenberg, a business man from California who once co-owner of a restaurante-motocicleta-themed Los Angeles with Fonda and ‘Easy Rider’ co-star Dennis Hopper.

Here are some beautiful pictures of The Harley Captain America Easy Rider in gallery bellow.

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