Vincent Concept Motorcycle 2014

In 1949 the most on bikes was the Vincent Black Shadow, the first motorcycle was going 200 km / h top speed and very advanced compared to the competition. Perhaps for being ahead of its time signature broke after a few years, but has always been the hope of a revival.

Vincent Concept Motorcycle 2014

The designer Aleck Jones reinforces that hope with SU Vincent Concept, a prototype realistic approach imagine what an actual Vincent if he had continued to occur.

With the idea that Vincent would remain ahead of the competition in performance and design, it would be a naked cut and futuristic hybrid drive assembly. Thus, the prototype combines a V-Twin engine of 849 cc at 50 and 116 horsepower with a three-phase electric motor of 84 hp. The combined output is 200 hp and 222 Nm of torque, with an electric range of 50 miles if only the electric motor works. To power the electric motor battery is 10.2 kWh graphene capacity just below the seat.

Vincent Concept Motorcycle 2014

It is not only revolutionary, and drinking from the Vyrus cycle of your swing on the front axle, suspension type push-rod style cars and a particular braking system. All with materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber in its configuration. A good attempt practicable, although with questionable commercial viability.

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