New Ducati Scrambler 2015

Ducati has started wrapping it in a top secret, year in the making, seen here for the first time, new motorcycle. It is the 2015 Scrambler.

New Ducati Scrambler 2015
The 70s are featured on the Ducati stand with the presentation of his Scrambler. A machine that intends to ride the wave of Neo Retro with all the success that he wants.
10 years after attempting a excursion in the “new old” with its Classic range, the Bolognese firm intends to play its new cards with the presentation of his Scrambler.

It is a surprise to anyone, because of months of teasing, we knew all of this famous quasiement Scrambler. Coffee machine saddle 790 mm standard, -20 mm as an option, short, or lighter and necessarily accessible to the greatest number, we lacked an unknown size to complete the story: What about the engine?
Well, as a tubular trellis frame, it will be the two valves air étroitement derived from that fitted to the 796 Monster with 803 cm3produiront a power of 75 horsepower with a torque of 6.9 mkg. With ses170 pounds dry, it is likely that the Scrambler is not stingy sensations.

For the rest, modernism is also on the agenda with optical diode, ABS comes standard and a USB jack hidden under the seat.

The company gave us an advancement, and we are going to shoot some photos and video, a week earlier that he made his debut on September 30.

New Ducati Scrambler 2015
The new sport bike 1st new platform of the luxe Italian entry-level manufacturer, since it introduced the monster, and designed specifically with the United States market in mind – will be in stores by March 2015, with a suggested price of $8,595 aprox.


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