Motorcycle Tour Day 7- Arrival in Toulon

When victory seems within reach, Julien Toniutti (Yamaha MT-09 / Yamaha Racing Team Delétang 2B) has offered a last stand this afternoon on the special long Pas de la Couelle. Julien finished 2nd behind Denis Bouan untouchable for two days, and dates back to the 6th place overall.

Motorcycle Tour Day 7

Sébastien Lagut (Triumph Daytona / Central Team), 3rd in the Couelle No, tried to get closer to the second place overall but Laurent Filleton (Aprilia Tuono / Moto Jourdan) resists and ends in the same second behind Bruno Schiltz (Aprilia Tuono / Team Panda).

Bouan unrivaled in Ales

After winning two special Rally Ales yesterday Bouan Denis knocked the competition on the track this morning, adding 10 seconds more to his lead in the race. Laurent Filleton was his best opponent to Bruno Schiltz, Julien Vezzuti (MV Agusta F3 / Scuderia Moto), Cedric Parmentier (Yamaha MT-09 / Yamaha Racing Team Delétang) and Julien Toniutti. Cedric Parmentier took the opportunity to snatch an ever overall. Note also the fine performances on track for Barbara Collet (Yamaha MT-09 / Yamaha Racing Team Delétang) and Bruno Vezzuti (MV Agusta Brutale / Scuderia Moto), 1st and 1st Veteran Women in 9th and 10th in Ales.

It still plays into categories

The case seems heard in Sport category with a victory tomorrow logic of Peter Lemos (KTM), 9 tonight overall. Same for Eric Fortin (BMW 80GS) classic. In contrast, in the Maxi-scooters, Mathieu Bruneau (France Honda Motorcycle / Integra Area) has taken over Frederick Ber (Team 202 / Yamaha TMax 530) and Stéphane Aloisi (Aloisi 2Wheelers / Yamaha TMax 530) is ambushed. Barbara Collet (Yamaha MT-09 / Yamaha Racing Team Delétang) rules the Feminine but the duel was monitored between Karine Sliz (KTM Duke) and Anouck terminal (Suzuki Gladius / The Galinettes). As Veterans, Etienne Godart (Ducati Multistrada / Power Red 24) seems to take the win. Sidecars in the duo Boudier / Marty keeps his hand and loses his best opponents Cheylan / Szendroi, victims off the road this afternoon. On Ales Toulon, Florent Parret (Yamaha MT-09) took control before Clement Marmont (Yamaha MT-09).

Sport and Lounge at Toulon

Special Mont Faron Sunday morning will close a week of intense racing. This final stage should be a formality for Denis Bouan (Yamaha R6 / Yamaha Yamalube Racing) on the way to a ninth straight victory on the Dark Dog Moto Tour. The first competitors will start at 9:00. The tortuous route of 3.5 km on the heights of Toulon will be opened by the Club Mania Tmax then by electric machines, a Zero S in the colors of ERDF, the new KTM Freeride E electric and two electric scooters BMW C Evolution. All machines will be visible on the Motorcycle Show on the beaches of Mourillons. The program includes exhibitions and trials motorcycles, stunt shows and a great American town with motorcycles, cars and competition pin’up.

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