Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test

Forget your preconceived ideas about electric vehicles. They may have a different form of a lawn garden, a small city car or a scooter winded Ecolabel. With Lito Sora, you drive today on what could be the bike tomorrow. For about thirty minutes that we comb the streets of the capital in search of an ideal static spot. And we must recognize that riding the Lito Sora, it is almost impossible to go unnoticed, despite the silence of operation offered by its electric motor.

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test

It must be said that it has just a hangover from hell, motorcycle Jean-Pierre Legris. 2130 mm long, look like a bulldog fighting and accelerations at the green light to leave gaping owners maxi scooter.
But already, some remarks show that attitudes have changed. It is an electric bike? It must shoot the arm. What is autonomy? “. If questions remain recurrent, an increasing number of curious already know the existence of this type of motorcycle.

Lito Sora: A cruiser tuned

Nevertheless, the Lito Sora is still very rare in our country. She arrived in France at the beginning of 2014 under the leadership of an exclusive importer: eMotion Motorcycle. For now, the goal is to introduce this motorcycle Quebec French network but, given its frankly elitist fare (US$ 63,570 ), it is obvious that it should remain confidential.
By the turn of the bike, we discover upscale Facilities: aluminum perimeter frame, swingarm in the same material specially machined front of Honda CB1000R, dashboard separated into two parts, a touch on the false tank, carbon trim full. The Lito Sora throws far and near.
Through her ​​power adjustable (750-850 mm), I installed without problem feet on the ground despite my 70 meter The feeling of being one with the bike is very present, if only because of the generous curves of the beast. The presence of the reverse gear is a good thing, because the Lito Sora does not handle easily: 266.4 kg and a turning radius of the aircraft carrier!
Accelerations map but intrusive engine braking

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test
Obviously, as with any test of a motorcycle powered by lithium polymer packs, the urge to twist the handle is irresistible. On Lito Sora, you can choose between three driving modes.
The Safe Range mode, in conjunction with the on board GPS, allows just returned to a specific location by limiting energy expenditure. In Normal mode, the acceleration is correct without actually decoiffer. It is a landscape mode that proper and sufficient autonomy average times.  In Performance mode, this is much more muscular, starts as pickup are more toned and acceleration is more voluntary. Past the stage where Lito pulls the ground, it draws more on the arms.

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test
In the absence of transmission, the acceleration appears linear and continuous and Lito overcomes the uneven, headwind until the horizon mouth. The constant torque of 90 Nm is then as pleasant as possible.
Batteries fully charged, Sora has approximately 190 km / h top speed! What we were unable to confirm lack of sufficient energy in stock but Lito Sora reaches 155 km / h in no time. From the point of view of sensations, Lito demonstrated a less astonishing than the Zero Motorcycle SR which, by the way, is much less heavy acceleration.
The operation of the engine of Sora is still very successful, although during the first kilometers, we must live with the energy recovery system that generates a braking engine brake quite intrusive and unexpected departure.

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test

Halfway between the sports and custom roadster

With suspensions quality, Lito Sora filter sufficiently Parisian cobblestones. Comfort is preserved, even though the large holes suggest a snap from dressing. The soft belt drive contributes to the approval and eventually you find yourself using the Sora in two ways: by wrapping the couple or seeking to eject turns.
Because with her ​​ergonomics halfway between custom and roadster, the Lito Sora also calls for dynamic driving. Of course, with 266 kg, a wheelbase of 1,500 mm and a 190 mm rear tire, it takes a bit of authority to transfer, but it offers a nice rigor. Stability on the angle as driving stability are beyond criticism.
The game is then not to be trapped by the engine braking on corner entry to enjoy a nice speed cornering, the usual traction electric motors doing the rest output. However station left turn too supported because the lower part of the cabinet licks the floor.
Side autonomy, we could travel nearly 170 km during our test varied route (city, road, highway, and over …). In quiet use, 200 kilometers advertised are quite credible.

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test

Conclusion: The sworn enemy of the Harley-Davidson Livewire?

Electric bikes are booming. We‘re seeing new brands while builders have bikes up more and more qualitative. Soon we should see happen volume manufacturers.
And among the giants of traditional bike and this time, the term is not usurped – Harley-Davidson should be among the first to take the plunge with his LiveWire. A new kind of cruiser pretty close to the philosophy of the Lito Sora, who showed us a real driving pleasure, high performance, new sensations.

Electric Cruiser Lito Sora Test
But the opposition certainly turn short on paper, as Harley-Davidson should be sold around US$ 25,478 when Lito claiming US$ 63,570 for his Sora. Finally a more unreasonable that all of this bike amazingly well-born rate.

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