KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory Test

We taxed bikes Cairoli and Dungey and take aboard the KTM 350 SX-F World Champion Antonio Cairoli MXGP and 450 SX-F vice champion Ryan Dungey AMA MX is not given to everyone. Well at there we had this privilege! And as we are friendly, you actually enjoy: story of an outsized test and not so simple.KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory tes

Any amateur Motocross having made ​​the trip to a Grand Prix has already lost his time lounging in the paddock. If so, remember you, daydreaming oversized front of the stands of the most prestigious teams.
Everything is fine, everything is shining, the stars of the sport sign autographs and motorcycles on display under awnings are more equipped than the other one. What salivate long minutes getting lost in thought.
You do not recognize you? Well OK, well for me, anyway, that was it! So when it was announced to me that this menu KTM test day, I will be greeted by the structure with Factory Red Bull at my disposal official SX-F World and AMA MX, my eyes are set to sparkle like a kid on Christmas morning.

KTM 450 SX-F 2014 Factory Dungey

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory tes

Is that true? I can mess?

So riding the KTM 350 SX-F world champion for the fifth time at the hands of Antonio Cairoli I’m about to put gas. And to decorate somewhat this test – but also to confront the United States to the world – I will be entitled to a ride on the 450 SX-F Ryan Dungey, second in the AMA MX 2014, no less!
Not surprisingly, the two bikes are full of racing parts and especially noble materials including multiple protections carbon and titanium for the back loop, the complete line Akrapovic or the footrests … But especially when eyes are placed on the forks WP 52 mm (48 mm original) that go along with dampers Trax, we become aware that we are dealing with factory bikes.
Same with hard braking side that seem sharper than ever bitten by Brembo Factory. The list of small attention paid to the SX-F Factory Red Bull is such that you can not fully enumerate. However, we note a state for 450 Ryan Dungey feature: the bike is equipped with a steering damper, probably the same as the Honda CRF. Come on, stop rinsing the eye, and we will put the Tech 10 pronto!
So obviously say it like this, everything seems idyllic. But I assure you it has not been a fun part! I replace you in context: we are Monday, September 29, the team of France has won a landslide victory in the Motocross of Nations 2014 The night before the party was to put in the tricolor clan, and all the french were invited on site.

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory test

Although inspired, I was serious and I did not sleep (too) late, leaving the hotel at 7:30 am to return to the circuit Kegums where staff KTM waiting. This is where things get tough, because the land has not been redone with only a few receptions and calls will be smoothed. Clearly, it’s a minefield! And guess who will be the first to rush in the morning?

About Hard disk

With the 350 SXF Tony Cairoli that begin hostilities and the term is in no way overused: the controls and cockpit are not extravagant, the KTM seems small and I easily found my place, but I’m brewing on the entire circuit. Kegums does not seem to me any more than the moto Cairoli.
As a direct result, an extremely firm fork that merely sinking 5 centimeters into the holes in the brake. The smashed seem endless! In contrast, the shock is very flexible, it is almost like a Enduro bike. So, the 350 is like a chopper: really confusing as behavior. If I had the speed and hard driving Cairoli shoulders over the handlebars, no doubt it would be much better.
By linking with the 450 SX-F Ryan Dungey, the differences are very clear even before the runway. The ride height is flat, and we realize that the 450 is bigger than 350, especially at the gills!
If the contact with the bike Cairoli is relatively easy, the ergonomics of the Kate Dungey is quite particular: the footrests seem different, the levers are there just like the handlebars which is mostly very bent towards the driver, all controls are grouped in a very restricted area. Add to that a saddle that has a dock that you advance too much on the front, and you have the feeling of being curled up on the 450.

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory test

Not that easy to handle, especially on the track, SX-F 450 shakes me even more than the 350! The front does not seem much weaker than on the bike and back to Cairoli does not put me at ease: it goes down very little and seems to be very successful in relaxation.
With the hold and very adherent coating, the saddle does not prompt the movement: it forces to keep a very prominent position unnatural to me. In short, we have here a rather unusual bike that will be difficult to learn, especially as the track is not going by arranging.

More than 60 wild Horses

Essential point of a test of a motorcycle Cross factory: the engine! Well, so be honest with you, the trouble would do pick up speed in the holes, I am very far from having exploited these mills …
When I was testing the 350 SXF Cairoli there two years, the extension of unlimited engine had fooled me. Kegums today, we do not really take the tours. However we feel that the mill wants to express: past low revs, rage arises and raises the clutch in support of sand are formidable.
Change since 2012, the engine brake very marked faded.

Although we can not say much more, we feel that things are happening in this head that emits a sound of unusual turbine from the start! We note in passing that the starter button is not very accessible, a particular choice.

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory test
The 350 is not very usable in the conditions of the day, I go backwards towards the 450 SXF Dungey, who is surprisingly more reassuring. Less explosive than the bike Tonio, the large displacement demonstrated linearity foolproof. You can go down very low, at the limit of the setting and walk away as if nothing had happened on the net gas smoothly and no need to play the clutch, Kate Dungey has the capacity to get out of any situation without problems force.
But if the American motorcycle seems more accessible, this is only true if we use only the first quarter of the throttle. Then it sends serious! The trunk is phenomenal and the engine performance is amazing: a single shot trigger is transcribed directly into the ground. The engine does not explode at once in the arm, but trust me: we must cling to stay behind the handlebars.
Appraisal: Motorcycles champion, claiming a champion.
After testing the KTM 350 SX-F Antonio Cairoli and 450 SX-F Ryan Dungey, I can tell you that these champions are not easy! On a destroyed land, the confidence index has never been housebroken.

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory test
The 350 SX-F Cairoli, a few details, said the 2012 version: concrete in front, released at the rear, with an engine that needs to be whipped as a small displacement. Rather special or amazing as settings, but after five world titles riding this bike, we say that the settings are probably good for Italian!
The overall behavior of the 450 SX-F Dungey is less atypical, but the riding position is much more. The set is firm, but what could be more logical when driving as fast as Ryan. The engine is he very “user friendly” feel that he will not throw you on the spur of gas unfortunate, but so what chest!
In short, if we had to choose between these two bikes, I would go for the 350 The bike world champion is more fun, provided you do something to the fork. For me it would be simpler to run faster.

KTM SX-F 350 450 2014 Factory test
450 Dungey her flashy. As always when the Americans are moving to the MX of Nations, nothing is left to chance: a motorcycle in the colors of Team USA, it’s class! A rolling, we are still on another template. The 450 is bigger between the legs and in the gills and, personally, I never got tired of feeling with the rear to be confident.
Even if the engine is “nice”, you have a sacred health perfectly control the beast. However, it should be able to operate a little more engines to get a final opinion.

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