Electric Motorcycles Harley davidson project live wire brand Attraction for Bikes Lovers

How Harley-Davidson, energetic, Zero and other manufacturers of green machines are fighting to become the Tesla of motorcycles.

Electric Motorcycles Harley davidson project live wire brand Attraction for Bikes Lovers

The roar of a Harley-Davidson engine distinctive like the pop of a bubbly Cork. However rider you may well completely powered and the beauty of a pig with a quiet motor that no gas? That’s the question Harley asked earlier this year when it unveiled Live Wire project, its innovative trial product for an electric motorbike.

Harley-Davidson is not alone in the wars e-bike, where several companies are trying to become the Tesla of motorcycles and not just because it is good for the environment.

Last year, major brands, including BMW motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Piaggio, Honda, Yamaha and Triumph-sold 561 thousand bicycles in the United States. UU., opposite 557.000 in 2012, but minors in a staggering 53 % from the 1.2 million units sold in 2006, the motorbikes sales stayed relatively unchanged in the discussed year, according to the Council of the motorcycle industry, which added 139.922 new items traded in Q1, 17 items high than the similar period in year 2013.

And while no one thinks electric bicycles will save the industry, which could be a key factor to attract the next generation of motorbikes fanatics. “Every one is extremely worried getting regarding this novel adolescent rider, “according to Editor the Chief of Cycle World Mr. Mark Hoyer.” youthful people individual in utilize account of these motorbikes are in actuality fast.” that with the kinds of recital electric motorbikes has these existence, all that Monte would be impressed.

From 2010 the Electrics bikes have been a alcove market, when companies such as Brammo and Zero , vigorously mission began experimenting with trips of more than 50 km of range that resembled traditional motorcycles, but zero emissions boasted without gears, aggressive, touch-and-go acceleration. The idea was that, silent mantenimiento-luz bikes would be perfects both for urban commuting and or FF – road crossing and that may attract new riders, especially the women, intimidated by the strong claws and responsibilities of maintenance filthy partners with the coffee brokers and street bikes. Certainly there is room for growth: while their number has increased in doubledigits since 2003, women represent only 25 per cent of drivers of motorcycles in the United States. UU., according to industry statistics.

There was some early attempts at e-bikes (especially of the dark Chinese brands) that felt more like scooters FI Ed Glori that slings of high technology. In the last year, however, the electric motorcycles have become much stronger, softer and more durable. Zero, for example, has drastically improved suspension and the technology of the propulsion system in its 17,000 $ SR, which arrive at 97 km/h in 3.3 second son a series of batteries of 130 km and it takes seven hours to load into a 110 volt outlet.

Brammo $11,000 Enertia Plus has 185 km/L with maximum speed of 97 km/h, and the $30,000, 160hpMission R runner has a maximum speed of more than241 km/h with a sub-3-seconds, 0-97 km/ h springtime. Then there is the new Italian firm vigorously, led by the young CEO, Livia Cevolini, which debuted the $68,000, 134hp Ego 45 superbike (0-97 km/h in 2.9seconds) at the beginning of this year. This motorcycle will be charged completely in just 3 and a half hour.


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