motorcycle drive by women

The motorcycle industry has a major problem in the West as in Asian countries is another story when finding new customers. They have to fight the idea that what’s hot now possess the most advanced smartphone rather than what went before, times when the bike was the main object of desire. That has meant that in recent years have been appearing models that were more or less covertly designed for a more important role of women.

motorcycle drive by women

We talk about bikes compact size, light weight, easy operation, attractive design and usually cheaper than any car in comparison to keep the rational point when buying. Motorcycle ultimately usually good, nice and cheap in each respective segment. These are.

Yamaha Tricity

Power: 15 hp. Weight: 152 kilos. Price: US$ 4456Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

One of the main problems they see many women to sign up for that motorcycle driver is the lack of inherent stability of two-wheelers. Piaggio Mp3 launched to address this concern with both wheels on the front axle. The contribution that Yamaha has now made its Tricity is to reduce the price drastically, for the price of conventional 125 cc scooter for good. Now there are no excuses to learn more safety.

Honda Scoopy SH 125i Mode

Power: 11.2 hp. Weight: 116 kilos. Price: US$ 3514Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

The brands of scooters ‘low-cost’ squeeze and Honda launched the Honda Scoopy decaffeinated version to further adjust the price of its high-wheel scooter and 125 cc benchmark. With a more modest and less chassis power still has a flat platform, space under the seat for a full face helmet and the color of its range Fabulous Pink betrays him. One of the high-wheel scooters (and therefore most stable) adjusted price / quality ratio. And only consumes 2 liters per 100 km.

Vespa Sprint 125 3V

Power: 10.7 hp. Weight: Not stated. Price US$ 4775Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

If a glamor that is the Vespa scooter and within its range seems the Vespa Primavera is the most suitable for women because of their round optics, range of colors and chrome. But the Vespa Sprint 125 which replaces the S range is more compact and has a differential detail in its chassis, its 12-inch tires without going to the sportier GTS range. More security for both urban evolution. Very grateful, but yes, it is generally more passionate than rational option price and functionality.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Power: 39 hp. Weight: 172 kilos. Price: From US$ 5655Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

Let’s face it. If you plan to enjoy your sport bike circuit you’ll have more than enough in your day to day with a smaller model like the Kawasaki Ninja. Aesthetics moto ‘fat’ out of corners fast without the power to have an end to fines for the first change fear. A civilized option without losing an irreverent point.

Honda CB500F / CB500X / CBR500R

Power: 47 hp. Weight: 190-196 kilos. Price: From US$ 6349-US7655Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

The trio of Honda twin-cylinder engine with 471 cc and 47 hp are perfect for introduction smoothly or prohibitive disbursements naked, trail or sports segment respectively. They are still cheaper than any city car and also not much design CB1000R, CBR1000RR Crossrunner and unmarked. Of course, keep in mind that we do not talk so compact and lightweight models. Motorbikes are ‘real’ limited license for A2. No more no less.

KTM RC 390

Power: 44.7 hp. Weight: 147 kilos. Price: US$ 6778Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

The motorcycling world is lately attracting many females, both in the stands and on the track. KTM has been skilled at seeing this trend and has launched a sport that is as close to a Moto3 that can currently be seen on the street across distances. Compact, leading to the approval of the card limit A2 mainly thanks to a very light weight and if you check back the particular design of the dome is a winning choice.

Yamaha MT-07

Power: 75 hp. Weight: 179 kilos. From US$ 7415Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

The half-naked engine that has revolutionized the motorcycle market has done by a very successful minimalist and contemporary design, with a power / weight as little tune and a spectacular price for what it offers. All a seller that fits very well with all those bikers ‘thug’ point. Trendsetting also from this point of view.

BMW G 650 GS

Power: 47 hp. Weight: 192 kilos. Price: US$ 7525Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

If you love adventure and want to follow the footsteps of Alicia Sornosa what better place to start is to opt for the BMW access the trail segment. The BMW G 650 GS single-cylinder is a veteran who has a lot to offer if what matters is the journey rather than the rate at which it is made. Also compatible with A2 license, find a trail of its features for less than 6,000 euros guaranteed by BMW is very complicated.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Power: 47 hp. Weight: 206 kilos. Price US$ 9174Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

Until recently find a Harley-Davidson to come down for much of the $ 10,000 and above all rondase 200 kilos in weight was mission impossible. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is the model with the Milwaukee firm part with some testosterone to open new customers and certainly the best maniobrarás from standstill and for which you will not have too much mortgage. The ideal place to enjoy the Harley-Davidson concept at its best is to go at least a 883, but this option is more logical.

Ducati Monster 696

Power: 80 hp. Weight: 185 kilos. Price: US$ 9584Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

With over 20 years of commercial life, the Ducati Monster has made a career by the grace of his twin engine and its distinctive design, but above all for a size that makes it ideal for girls. It is something that is further emphasized in version 696. But beware, Ducati are more passionate than rational and Monster 696 motorcycle is no exception. You need an adjustment period to get used to his behavior at low revolutions, something to consider. He is also a ‘veneer’.

Triumph Daytona 675 ABS

Power: 128 hp. Weight: 187 kilos. Price US$ 16212Motorcycles Special Designed for Women

Not everything would be thinking in the pocket and a quiet ride options. The Triumph Daytona 675 ABS is recognized as one of the most beautiful and fastest three-cylinder engine with 128 hp Supersport. The only but is that basically ‘I forgive’, as it is one of the sports with smaller dimensions. But unless you’re player of the basketball team that should be no problem in this case. Until Elena Myers, one of the most promising rider in racing world has joined the British brand in the AMA. Americans can not sell nothing.

Here are some beautiful motorbike rider’s pictures in gallery.

I hope you enjoyed and happy to know about the Motorcycles Special Designed for Women. Let me know your views in bellow.

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