Polini Vespa Scooter

Polini as the Company

Polini is an Italian manufacturer of tuning for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters parts. Among other products, they produce cylinders and variators of road and race use both.They also produce pocket with 50 cc motorcycle up to 15 HP.

Polini Vespa Gold Scooter


The company was founded when the Italian soldier Battista Polini returned from his service in World War II and he started to produce bicycles, which sold very well. When the 1st Lambretta and Vespa scooters commenced to come out started to manufactured parts in the Decade of 1940.

Currently, Polini is owned by Polini Battista’s 3 sons; Franco, Carlo and Piero. Polini manufacturing tuning parts for the leading brands of motorbikes and scooters and also producing diminutive skate the name of folding scooters.

Polini Vespa creates a gold

Polini Motori main competitor is Malossi, which also has its headquarters in Italy.

Polini Vespa Scooter

If you thought that after the Vespa 946 there could not be a more elitist Vespa waiting to see what Polini has prepared for the EICMA 2014 salon features Milan should not be easy for your booth attracts attention and therefore have been put to work to create this classic Vespa bathed in 23 carat gold.

Polini Vespa Scooter
We used 500 sheets of gold for configuration and obvious that the finish is sleek and really spectacular. It’s really an excuse to combine some of the novelties of the Equip 2015 Polini Polini 130 cc upgrade, carb Polini CP 24mm intake manifold or exhaust system created for the Vespa 125 Primavera.
Polini Vespa Scooter

Since then the eyes will EICMA 2014 Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja and the H2, but it sure brings too much staff Polini this Vespa so unique.


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