What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

Exit the V-twin, BRP has just presented its new 3-cylinder signed Rotax which will equip, 2014, only the Can-Am Spyder RT model. More torque, more autonomy…

 What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

Can-Am has just unveiled its innovations for the 2014 of its 3-wheel range. And a beautiful revolution is announced with the arrival of a whole new engine for one of the products of the range: the Can-Am Spyder RT model.


The RT will be indeed a new 3-cylinder in-line cubing 1330 cm3. So far, this three-wheel was powered by a 1000 cc V-twin. But for this year 2014, Rotax has designed a three-cylinder engine capable of developing 115 Max HP to 7.250 online rpm, for a couple of 13 Terminal at 5,000 rpm.

Tantalizing performances at the ready flat that the Can – Am only allow little eccentricity. Grace (or cause) electronic assistance and many aids that automatically, correct use the fervor of the more spirited users.

A new box with 6 speeds (5 for the old model) is also in addition to the year 2014, besides the reverse. There will be the opportunity to spend these reports in manual or semi-automatic mode.

Can-Am Spyder RT: new engine

 What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

Big evolution of the coast at BRP, Can-Am unveils a new engine to its Can Am Spyder RT. The top-of-the-range model will now powered by a three-cylinder online.

Can-Am Spyder RT: performance

 What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

With its new three-cylinder engine, BRP promise a gain of couple of 40% from the first demands of the engine. Grey, the curve of the V-Twin, yellows the curve of new three-cylinder.

Can-Am Spyder RT: front

 What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

Even if it is blatant, the Can-Am Spyder RT 2014 received a small refresh of the front panel.

Can-Am Spyder RT: independence

 What's New 2014: a new 3-cylinder in the Can-Am Range?

The true fault of this Can-Am: the consumption. During our previous test, the twin cylinder, widely sought, could prove very greedy. Hope that the arrival of this three-in-line cylinder will change a little the gives.


With this engine, the promises of BRP engineers are beautiful. Of course, this three-cylinder allow more rapid acceleration from low revs, but it is also advanced optimized consumption at 100 km/h Can Am promises a range of 406 km. To help the driver to consume less, an indicator of aid gear change was added to the dashboard (it shows when shifting, not to solicit the engine too).

And this is not a bad! The autonomy of the Can Am remained on the machines previously tested by us, true black point. The mass of the three-wheeled, potentially burdened by multiple possibilities of loading (155 liters of capacity), required a high load of the motor. But the arrival of the three-cylinder adds more than 20 kg to the building to achieve a weight dry announced 459 kg. Next test may confirm the real gain in autonomy.

In addition to the heart of the machine, a few changes have been introduced. The radiators have been developed and have doubled their capacity. The aesthetics of the front face has also been reviewed.

Attention will equip the new Rotax in 2014 that the RT model. The Spyder RS ​​and ST keep the V-twin. But the three-cylinder is expected soon to arrive on these models.

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