Yamaha YZF R1, Kawasaki H2, 1299 Panigale Ducati, Honda RC213V-S. Hypersportives 2015 are to the party at the EICMA 2014! And has not ended: another beast of track now says the tip of its redesigned fascia: the Aprilia RSV4 RR, also decreased from RF to the V4 today develop 201 horsepower.
News bike 2015, EICMA: Aprilia RSV4 RR, 200 Horses Cross CapThe first RSV4 Arilia began already in 2009. Between an atypical V4 hyper sports segment and an advanced electronics, the superbike from Noale has attracted number of riders and won several world titles, the last of them this weekend at the hands of Sylvain Guintoli.

2015, this bike evolves significantly more than its new design suggested in another place. In fact, at first glance, do not notice really new forms of the RR 1000-RSV4. Though, its bow additional round and immense should offer better protection than before.

Evolves them triple optics in its forms and adopted a position of aimed fire, as well as turn signals integrated into the new rear view mirrors.

The best is on the inside!

First objective on the renewal of the RSV4: increasing the power of the V4 for him what happen the bar of horsepower of 200, then likewise offer additional torque irrespective of speed. How? By hunting to inner abrasion, upsurge optimize and performance the drift of fluids, although the intensification in the rapidity of rotation.

Technicians Noale entrust have redesigned all internal and external of the technology V4 elements. The design and technology of the new air box has been reformed to increase the pressure at the entry. New injectors go hand in hand with a redesigned cylinder head cosy valves titanium whose diameter is 33 mm intake. Lubrication and ignition systems are augmented and the No. of revolving parts have also been relaxed to the image of the redesigned camshaft which lost 500 grams.

Found an engine’s bottom aluminum reinforced for the occasion, while the foundries of the upper part of the motor enjoying a fresh process designed to clarify and strengthen the bloc.

+ 16 horses, – 1.5 kg

While the motor is fitted with a lubrication amount is less important that before, new oil pump would be better able to maintain a constant pressure, irrespective of the angle of the bike, and even in phases of acceleration / deceleration.

The gearbox is identical, but Aprilia revised its tiering for a better harness the supremacy of the machine. Lastly, the RR -RSV4 also adopted a redesigned an exhaust.

With a new management of opening of the valve (a double oxygen sensor) and the new parameter for the calculation of injection / on the power engine improves a max power of DE201 C. (148kW) at 13,000 rpm, the maximum torque of 11.5 daN.m 10 500 rpm the penalty established. At the similar time, the RSV4RR would be sunnier 1.5 kg than the ancient tedious.

Lengthened and Auto-electronics Swingarm

In the RR RSV4 2015 we can always change the position of the engine on the chassis or the location of the beam. Chard in aluminium had not been amended. On the other hand, the swingarm extends 14 mm, to serve motor skills of the sport and keep the soil its front wheel during acceleration.

The electronic package TAE is evolving to adapt to the new characteristics of the engine. Standard on the novel RR of Noale, which continuously includes (ATC) traction control in 8 levels, the wheel against in 3 levels AWC, providing even more possibilities of lifting the front wheel stalled at level 1, exit Simulator (ALC) Aprilia Launch Control and Aprilia Quick Shift gear to the reports on the fly.

This second generation of TAE Aprilia also offers its assistance of braking of high performance, Race ABS developed in conjunction with Bosch: a system that weighs only 2 kg, adjustable in three levels and is shut down. Three preset driving modes are still available, but most of the track and Sport modes, a new career entirely dedicated to the track mode made its appearance.

Only 500 copies: Aprilia RSV4 RF

The new RSV4 Aprilia RR 2015 will be available in both matte colors, on the basis of grey or black. An optional race Pack offers aluminum rims and counterfeit Ohlins lessuspensions. Note that with latest version, the Aprilia also suggestions a limited to 500 copies series called RSV4 RF. RF stands out for its specific color adopts and Superpole the basket Race series.

Aprilia RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF: key points

Completely revised V4: box, cylinder head, valves, injectors, camshaft, exhaust, oil pump camshaft, shaft and titanium case reports

  • 201 ch. (148kW) at 13, 000 rpm
  • 1.5 daN.m established 10 500 rpm
  • – 1.5 kg
  • Swingarm lengthened 14 mm
  • New design fairing
  • optical redessi
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