2015 Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition Nightstorm

Newcomer in the Thunderbird family, Nightstorm is a special edition that relies on its black livery to attract bikers adeptent authentic cuisers.
2015 Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition Nightstorm

As many years, Triumph did not hesitate to produce his machine as special editions to offer buyers a model that stands out from the rest of the range.For 2015, the Thunderbird is no exception to this picture – take a deep breath – Night storm Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition.

Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition Nightstorm Compared to a Thunderbird “normal” shall we say, this Nightstorm is distinguished by the application of a very specific color black with personalized tank and hand painted. It has a pattern to “ghost flames” in two color combinations Phantom Black and Silver Frost with glitter effect. To finish the picture, many chrome elements have received a black layer to the image of the exhaust system or the handlebars, mirrors and plates break pedal and selector. A new lower seat (700 mm) and is also more comfortable with the program…

2015 Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition Nightstorm

As all the special versions, the Triumph Thunderbird Nightstorm shares much of his soul with the bike that is born, the Thunderbird, which ranks it entry into the segment of the “cruisers” of high-powered able to allow a relaxed driving or enjoy a moment of fun thanks to its pair of 156 Nm at 2950 RPM. It is responsible for precisely its engine, a two cylinder “Big Bore” of 1,699 cc with no more or less than 107.1 mm Pistons

One of its highlights is the finish, instead of the typical chrome look, all them have been replaced by black, giving it a more aggressive than its mother model appearance. In fact in Triumph have put special care in the paragraph of the painting and look no further than the deposit has been hand-painted.Triumph Thunderbird Special Edition Nightstorm

Also the exhaust has succumbed to the black, with a paint resistant to heat, as well as rear-view mirrors, rear sets, pedals only bars and some details have endured the chrome.

As usual in this type of models, the seat is close to the ground, 700 mm, which increases the feelings of who is on top of the machine.


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