Bajaj Trains Arms in Hero Honda

Bajaj Auto, the third largest manufacturer of two-wheelers from the India, will launch a series of products in the course of 12 months, not only to recover the market share in the fiercely competitive segment of motorcycles, but also pushed to an all-time high.Bajaj Trains Arms in Hero Honda
In adding together to initiation new motorbikes under its premier brands press and discover the company based in Pune also will revive its brand of careless entry level deck for a return.
According to Rajiv Bajaj managing director the company has planned two new releases until March followed by the launch of a ‘siginficant’ in the first half of next year. These new models are aimed at boosting the involvement of Bajaj and 30% next year, more than double compared with its July under 15% market share.
Bajaj Trains Arms in Hero Honda With multiple releases and a push supported  by the two largest manufacturers of vehicle of  two wheels of the country companies Hero  MotoCorp and Honda motorcycle and Scooter  India (HMSI) expanded its market share. For  example, in less three years HMSI has more  than doubled its share in the cycling segment.
With a weak response from the Discover 100,  Pulsar 135 and subsequent reset of Bajaj Auto  inventory market share fell to 14.55% in July,  its lowest level in several years. However, with  the introduction of the Discover 150 in August company, that has remained on the sidelines of the burgeoning scooter segment, has affected 20% of market share last month.
“During the period of July-August, where our market share was 15%, we had to reduce the turnover of full-fledged see, previous to now with a release there is immense revival of the market share. I think that the market share of 15% days are really over. It will be 23% at the end of March and during the next year, it will be in the order of 30 percent “, supplementary Bajaj.

Bajaj Trains Arms in Hero Honda
Next year’s big releases Bajaj will discover with a different model of launch scheduled in the 125cc segment report. The 125cc is the second largest generation of sales in the segment of motorcycles from around 2 million bikes a year. Honda CB Shine is the market leader in this segment with a market share of 43%.
Bajaj’s agreement on that stretch of the brand through three segments discovers bike (100cc to 150cc) has taken its toll on the brand. Find out what began as a 125cc in 2004 saw 110cc, 135cc and 100cc additions in recent years. However, buyers have warmed up to the new Discover 150, which is also the cheapest 150cc property. Bajaj has promoted this new discover as a bicycle commuter with a combination of low cost and high mileage.
“We have two major releases in the press and deck fragment. Mutually will produce 2 percent market share. In the 1st half of this annually, we have had an important launch of Discover (150cc). We will (now) your application down to 100 – 125Cc. This will lead to 25-26% market share in the first half of next year. And then, in the second half I would go to 30% for which we have to do something extraordinary. a movement of marketing is not some great technological change. There is an opportunity to create something big “, said Bajaj.
Once a brand that the fight deck, no frills 100cc bike, has seen a steady increase in volumes. Although two-wheel domestic volumes decreased 12% in the case of Bajaj in the first half of this year sales deck grew 16% during the same period. Stage racing hero HF Sunrise, Yamaha YBR 110, TVS Max 4R and Mahindra Pantero (now discontinued).

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