Burbank Police Department adopts Zero DSP Motorcycle 2015

Zero Motorcycles, world leader in the electric bike industry, announced today that the Burbank police department buy Zero Motorcycles for police to be added to the fleet of patrol of the Department. Zero zero zero SP FXP, Zero models the new developed DSP and to comply with the specific requirements of the law enforcement and security agencies. Developed by Z-Force 100% engine electric motorcycle Burbank Police Department selected DSP zero by their stealth, versatility, low operating cost, problem-free maintenance and minimal impact on the environment.

Burbank Police Department adopts Zero DSP Motorcycle 2015

‘ Integration of the dual purpose electric motorcycles will provide police Service to Burbank with the possibility of extending our existing enforcement efforts, which, in our opinion, improve the level of service that we offer to our community “, according to lieutenant Jay Hawver Burbank police department traffic Bureau.We frequently pursue opportunities to introduce latest technologies where keen to need practical and applicable. The incorporation of the new electric motorcycles will put the city of Burbank in the front of our law enforcement agencies act associated as a pioneer in the implementation of this new and exciting technology.

Motorcycles used daily in the streets of the city Burbank and areas of the road. Sports dual DSP Zero capacity is particularly valuable in areas that extreme fire danger patrol access quickly and quietly officers, where previously only helicopters can operate.

Burbank Police Department adopts Zero DSP Motorcycle 2015
“Zero Motorcycles developed and motorcycles police honored on the basis of direct information from patrol officers. We feel, on the continued support of the police and security agencies and we are pleased that the Burbank Police null Motorcycles police used their fleet, said Kevin Hartman, Zero Motorcycles Director in the fleet.
NULL motorcycles of the police are fully electric and exclusively for the police and the departments of security designed as a cost effective means to a wide variety of terrain and Excel in areas with noise and pollution restrictions, including the interior. Patrol models are fully equipped with emergency lighting bear Search sirens, security components, and memory options functional equipment, elements of the patrol and emergency medical equipment.

In addition to the Burbank Police Department, Zero continues to work directly with more than 30 application of local, national and international law, security and military agencies to expand their fleets of motorcycles and integrate the use of Zero Motorcycles.


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